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Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Benefit with Tom Palazzolo & Rick Kogan


You are cordially invited to the Chicago Film Archives’ annual benefit at The Carlyle Ballroom on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Please join Chicago legends Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune and documentary filmmaker Tom Palazzolo for an evening of cinema, conversation, cocktails, and cuisine that will support the preservation and exhibition of our city’s history and culture on film.

“There is not, and has never been, a filmmaker as sensitively attuned to the ways and wonders of Chicago as Tom Palazzolo. He’s been at it for decades and is a genius to cherish.” -Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

Where: The Carlyle Ballroom
1040 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois, 60611

When: Friday, March 22, 2019

6:00pm - 6:45pm   Reception– Cocktails and raffle purchases
6:45pm - 7:30pm   Buffet Dinner
7:30pm – 9:00pm   Program with host Rick Kogan and filmmaker Tom Palazzolo, screening of a new film by Tom Palazzolo, raffle drawing and live auction

Tickets: $175 or $300 a couple

Dress: Business Casual

For tickets contact: 312-243-1808 or

This benefit will raise much needed funding to help run Chicago’s only independent regional film archive. For over fifteen years, CFA has worked to identify, collect, preserve, and exhibit Chicago’s rich history and culture on film. Today the organization houses over 150 collections and more than 27,000 films. Join us as we celebrate these unique and extraordinary moving images—films that reflect our lives in the 20th century!

This year’s live auction prize is also unique and extraordinary … it’s Tom Palazzolo!



Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 2.55.18 PM

This film might document a family celebration, a reunion, a day-in-the-life of…, a child’s first day of school, or the opening of a start-up business. No matter what the occasion, the film will assuredly carry the distinct Palazzolo perspective on life. In addition, once completed, the lucky winner will get the opportunity to screen their newly made film at the Chicago Filmmakers’ firehouse theater.

Approximate value: Priceless (Proxy bidder can be arranged)

Please contact CFA for further parameters that will accompany the production of this film such as a limit on the number of shooting days or the geographical area where the film will be shot.

RAFFLE PRIZES ($25 per ticket)

Raffle tickets can be bought from CFA Board members or by contacting the CFA office at 312-243-1808 or


Wine Bottles On Shelves In Cellar

Between 29 and 37 years old, and properly cellared since release, all twelve bottles will need to be properly decanted before serving. Each bottle would retail for between $70 and $250, if available.
- Vaillon, Chablis 1er Cru, Grand vin Blanc de Bourgogne, 1982 – 2 bottles
- Gran Reserva 904, La Rioja Alta, 1983 – 3 bottles
- Cabreo, Vino Rosso, Ruffino, “Super Tuscan,” 1990 – 2 bottles
- Le Cigare Volant, Red Wine, Bonny Doon, 1987 - 2 bottles
- Chateau Talbot, Saint Julian Grand Cru, 1987 – 3 bottles
Approximate value $1500



Begin your Goat Hop for four at Duck Duck Goat, where you will have a drink at the bar and sample dishes of Executive Chef Stephanie Izard. Next, hop to Girl & the Goat, where you will receive another round of drinks at the bar and sample more of Chef Izard’s dishes. End your meal at Little Goat Diner, where you will enjoy a dessert and a nightcap. Izard’s renowned restaurant Girl & the Goat opened in Summer 2010. Little Goat Diner opened across the street just a few years later, and then Duck Duck Goat around the corner on Fulton Market in 2016. Girl & the Goat was nominated best new restaurant by the James Beard Foundation in 2011 and Izard won the Beard award for Best Chef Great Lakes in 2013. She was also named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2010.

The winners of these prizes are not required to attend the Benefit. Raffle tickets can be bought from CFA Board members or at the CFA office. If you cannot be in attendance but would like to bid on the Tom Palazzolo film production at the live auction, CFA will arrange for a proxy bidder to bid on your behalf.

CFA is proud to serve signature cocktails generously provided by Heaven’s Door, an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan.






1040 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611
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6pm - 9:30pm

45 years ago….the Chicago Apollo 11 Parade

As Collections Manager at CFA, I love finding connections among our collections, or better yet, finding documentation of the same event spread across various collections. Whenever this happens I admittedly find myself daydreaming of filmmakers crossing paths…possibly chatting with each other, comparing cameras and stocks. 

In the context of our collections, having multiple films shot on the same day of the same subject is a fairly common phenomenon for big and notable public events. Examples of this include the ’33 Chicago World’s Fair, the tumultuous 1968 Democratic Convention, or more generally, rowdy Chicago parades. One of my favorite Chicago “same day” subjects is the Apollo 11 parade, which took place 45 years ago this month (August 13, 1969 to be exact) in downtown Chicago. Thousands gathered to get a glimpse of the first humans on the Moon aka Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin, Jr. To celebrate this sapphire anniversary, here are stills and films of the parade found across genres and collections…plus one special guest appearance courtesy of Tom Palazzolo!

Our first example is a social-issue documentary by Dewitt Beall….

LORD THING (DeWitt Beall, 1970, 16mm.; found in CFA’s DeWitt Beall Collection)

This Thursday, CFA is delighted to premiere the 16mm restoration of LORD THING as part of the Gene Siskel Film Center’s 20th annual Black Harvest Film Festival. The film chronicles the genesis and transformation of the Conservative Vice Lords, one of Chicago’s oldest street gangs. In one particular scene, an “LSD” (Lords, Stones & Disciples) coalition marches on city hall during the Apollo 11 parade festivities. Along with LSD protests at various Chicago construction sites, the march took place to encourage the hiring of black youth for city sponsored construction projects. Unlike the other examples highlighted below, LORD THING doesn’t attempt at capturing the astronauts or parade as a whole, but rather keeps it lens tight on the LSD and their colorful berets.

Now from social-issue documentary to unedited B-Roll….

APOLLO 11 PARADE (Rhodes Patterson, 1969, 16mm.; found in CFA’s Rhodes Patterson Collection)

Chicagoan Rhodes Patterson wore many professional and artistic hats during his lifetime; he was a designer, cinematographer, photographer and writer. In the mid 1950s, Patterson started working for the Container Corporation of America (CCA), writing much of their advertising material, designing internal publications, and documenting various aspects of the corporation and its activities. The diverse subject matter and style of Patterson’s films reflect the interconnected communities of industrial and graphic design, commercial and industrial film production, fine art, and architecture in Chicago. Whether made “just for fun,” as documentation, or for commercial purposes, his films reflect his humor, interest in art and design, imagination and creativity. One unedited reel in his collection captures the Apollo 11 parade from various vantage points. Here it is streaming in full below:

+ my favorite shot of the film…a girl with her 8mm camera:

and now from B-Roll to home movie…

ASTRONAUTS PARADE 1969 (Carl Godman, 1969, 8mm.; found in CFA’s Carl L. Godman Collection)

CFA recently acquired the Carl L. Godman Home Movie Collection- a collection of films documenting the Godman family of Chicago and Evanston from the early 1960′s to mid 1970′s. It contains a whopping 95 reels of 8mm film, the majority of which were shot when 8mm Kodachrome was at its most saturated prime – the early to mid 1960′s.  Included among birthday, holiday and vacation films was a single reel documenting the family’s experience at the parade as well as attempts at capturing the famed three – Buzz, Neil and Michael. Stay tuned as we begin to publish streaming films of this exciting new home movie collection on our site. In the meantime, here are stills from the aforementioned reel appropriately titled “Astronauts Parade”:

and now from home movie to educational film…

THE METOOSHOW: “Where Does My Street Go?” (Gordon Weisenborn, c. 1969, 16mm.; found in CFA’s Jack Behrend Collection)

The MeTooShow was a Chicago produced educational program, focusing on children’s interactions and interpretations of the world around them. It was made by Chicago-born Gordon Weisenborn, a prolific director of educational and sponsored films (and creator of a CFA favorite, MURAL MIDWEST METROPOLIS). CFA is lucky to have a handful of Weisenborn titles in our Jack Behrend Collection, including two episodes of the Meetooshow. Unfortunately, though, both episodes are severely color faded. In the show’s  “Where Does My Street Go?” episode, footage of the city and its people are intercut with children at play within the classroom, providing real-world examples of their imaginative play. One of these city scenes features footage of our topic at hand, including shots of the astronauts and a streamer-lined LaSalle Street (pictured below with the show’s opening title card).

and now from educational film to experimental documentary…

YOUR ASTRONAUTS (Tom Palazzolo, 1970, 16mm.; courtesy of  Tom Palazzolo)

Chicago filmmaker (& legend) Tom Palazzolo generously offered us permission to stream his 1970 film YOUR ASTRONAUTS, which captures his distinct and witty perspective of the parade. During a recent phone conversation with Tom, he described the parade as “just one of those electric days.” He found it most intriguing that the majority of the crowd schlepped in from the burbs. To emphasize the strangeness of this suburban takeover, Tom added a soundtrack of cafeteria noise over footage of parade attendees (interpret as you will). Here it is in full courtesy of Tom:

+ one of my favorite shots from the film:


For the time being, that’s it for Apollo 11 Parade footage at CFA. We’ll continue to add to this post as we come across any additional footage. And this may be stating the obvious, but loads and loads of photographs and films (especially home movies) of the parade exist outside of our vault. I recommend checking out the Chicago Tribunes collection of photos here (the bunnies!).