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Ty Segall Promo w/ CFA Footage!

Super excited to see our footage being used in new shape and forms, including this new commercial for Ty Segall‘s upcoming release on Drag City Records. Video assembly by Kent Lambert, who previously collaborated with CFA & CAVE (another Drag City affiliated entity) during our first annual CFA Media Mixer. (and no, we do not have any copies of WHITE CHICKS in our collections…)

CFA Media Mixer (in review)

For our first annual CFA Media Mixer benefit at the Hideout, we asked 3 (well, technically 4) local video artists and 3 local musicians to team up and create 3 video pieces made up of CFA footage. These commissioned pieces premiered at the August 17th event to a packed house. We realize some of you couldn’t make it, so here they all are… in the order they were screened:

1. LIE BACK AND ENJOY IT: a film about JoAnn Elam
Filmmaker: Jessica Bardsley
Composer: Tim Kinsella

Filmmakers: Andy Resek & Ellen Castleberry
Composer: Josh Abrams

Filmmaker: Kent Lambert
Composer(s): CAVE

We here at CFA are immensely appreciative of all the artists involved in this project, and are beyond delighted of the outcome of each collaboration. Extra thanks also goes out to Experimental Sound Studio, who graciously donated studio and mixing time towards this project. Here’s to many more years of CFA Media Mixers!

To gain a more behind-the-scenes look at this year’s CFA Media Mixer, here’s an interview between New City’s Jenny Yoon and myself.