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Digital Collections Hosting

Chicago Film Archives’ mission supports the safety and accessibility of ALL Midwest films. Therefore, CFA is introducing a new service that addresses the fact that many film collections representing the Midwest remain with their originators. These are valuable collections that belong to individuals, organizations or companies who want to retain ownership of and care for these moving image documents, but do not have the expertise or technological infrastructure to access or share them.

As a new component of CFA’s Archival Collections Management services, we are now offering the service of Hosting Collections on CFA’s website. This service will bring exposure, accessibility, organization and context to the collection that can benefit scholars, researchers and the general public along with its originators.

CFA utilizes a robust Collections Management System based upon a relational database that allows for organization and context as well as the display of detailed historical and biographical information.  Just as importantly, it supports the streaming of films in full on CFA’s website.

Under your organization’s name, your films will be available to stream for anyone visiting CFA’s website, any time, around the world. Each film will have its own page online, including a description of the film and its contents along with the streaming video. The digital files themselves will also be stored on CFA’s internal servers, which undergo regular backups to ensure digital preservation standards. Backups can be done to another storage location within CFA, or off-site for the most secure storage.

Cost List

On-site Storage & Back-up of Digital Files .10/GB/month
Website Hosting $5/page/month
Video Streaming $2/video/month

For more detailed information call (312) 243-1808, or email