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Archival Collections Management

CFA can evaluate film collections and provide plans to organize, manage, conserve and utilize moving image collections that have lain dormant because of lack of equipment or expertise. By gaining access to these collections of moving image documents, their historical content can be better understood, analyzed and exhibited in ways that bring meaning to various communities today.

This process typically involves creating inventories, arranging, and inspecting the films and stabilizing them to interrupt any deterioration. CFA can transfer the films to digital mediums and can create catalog records for each reel in order to describe both their physical condition and their content. These records will inform plans for any further preservation and use for the future. CFA also offers storage in our climate-controlled vault. Estimates for this process or any part of it can be provided after a site survey. Cost of the initial survey is billed at $100/hour.

For more information about any part of this process, call (312) 243-1808, or email


CFA archivists will inspect, clean, make light repairs, rewind and re-house your films in archival containers. As part of this service, CFA provides our customers with a detailed inspection report that includes an evaluation of the film materials and a recommendation for their care. This service will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour.


CFA can transfer your film collections to digital using state-of-the-art telecine and scanner systems to create master and access digital copies. This process is performed in-house by CFA’s trained specialists, and along with the digital files, CFA will provide transfer reports for each film and can advise on future storage and management of the files. For more information about the transfer costs, visit the Film and Home Movie Transfers page.


In addition to inspection and transfer reports, CFA can provide cataloging information for your films that reflect their physical condition as well as their content. These information can follow MARC-based cataloging standards and are an easy addition to your organization’s reference system.


CFA can host your digitized film collection and their catalog records for public access through the CFA website. Under your organization’s name, films will be available to stream for anyone visiting CFA’s website, any time, around the world. The digital files will also be stored on CFA’s internal servers, ensuring digital preservation with regular backups. For more information about this service, visit the Digital Collections Hosting page.