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329 West 18th Street Suite #610
Chicago, Illinois 60616
(312) 243-1808

Chicago Home Movie Day 2019


1601 N Clark St
Chicago, IL
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Saturday, October 19, 2019


1:30 PM - 5:00 PM


FREE (donations always welcome!)

Once again, Chicago Film Archives and the Chicago Film Society join forces to present CHICAGO HOME MOVIE DAY at the Chicago History Museum. Read More »

16mm Projection Workshop in Chicago


Saturday, September 21 – Sunday, September 22, 2019


***Registration for the workshop is now full!**

Chicago Film Archives is pleased to be hosting the Advanced 16mm Projection Workshop in collaboration with the Chicago Film Society, L’Abominable, and Process Reversal, under the banner of Read More »

MLA International Symposium in Lisbon — “Remembering Voices Lost”


Lisbon, Portugal
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July 24, 2019


10:30 AM

Chicago Film Archives is proud to announce that the JoAnn Elam Collection will be the subject of a paper presented at the MLA International Symposium.

Read More »

CFA Media Mixer 2019 (in review)


We had a fantastic time at the 8th annual Media Mixer on May 9 and are absolutely thrilled with the incredible work produced by this year’s artists! Thanks to everyone who came and participated!

If you couldn’t make it (or if you want to watch the work again!), we now have two of the pieces available to stream below. Read more about the artists here.

2019’s talented lineup (video + sound):

Brian Ashby + Bill MacKay
Emily Eddy + Natalie Chami (TALsounds)
Amir George + Lilianna Zofia Wosko

Read More »

Out of the Vault: The Somersaulter-Moats & Somersaulter Super Premiere Film Event!


5720 N. Ridge Avenue
Chicago IL 60660
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Saturday, June 15, 2019




Suggested donation, $8


still from Yo Yo the Clone, Too (1980)

Between 1973 and 1991, JP Somersaulter and Lillian Somersaulter Moats produced over 20 animated short films for children and adults. Working under the name “Pajon Arts,” the duo developed an idiosyncratic style of image-making—from additive line drawings to stop-motion collages to watercolor celluloid animations. Their subject matter frequently deals with the human mind and creative process, which is reflected in their narrative style. Lillian and JP’s stories for adult audiences have been referred to as “Kafkaesque.” and, even at their most lighthearted and whimsical, tend to carry a sinister undertone. Their films for children include renditions of classic fairytales and imaginative original stories. Their work is influenced by their shared interests in storytelling, myth, creativity and the logic of thought.

Filmmakers JP Somersaulter, Lillian Somersaulter Moats, and Michael Moats in person!
Films screening:

The Silverfish King (1973, color, sound, 7 minutes)
JP Somersaulter’s Premiere Cartoon Cartoon (1974, color, sound, 6 minutes)
The Wizard (1974, color, sound, 8 minutes)
The Light Fantastic Picture Show (1974, color, sound, 7 minutes)
The Magic World of Whiselphasoon (1975, color, sound, 13 minutes)
Spooky Boo’s and Room Noodles (1976, color, sound, 7 minutes)
Yo Yo the Clone, Too (1980, color, sound, 4 minutes)
Katura and the Cat (1982, color, sound, 11 minutes)
JP Somersaulter’s Dot to Dot Cartoon Cartoon (1989, color, sound, 8 minutes)

TRT: 71 minutes

Tickets are available for advance purchase here.


2019 CFA Media Mixer!


3111 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618
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Thursday, May 9, 2019




Come see the premiere of three new works created by Chicago-based artists using footage from the Chicago Film Archives collection!

The Media Mixer project started in 2012 as a way to open up CFA’s vault of archival footage to artists working in media, and to support the creation of a new video work by pairing these visual artists with artists working with sound. At the heart of the project is a desire to give CFA’s archival collections new life through the creative interpretation of contemporary artists. As a result, three new collaborative videos will be made using footage from the Chicago Film Archives collection.

This year’s artists are (video + sound):

Brian Ashby + Bill MacKay

Emily Eddy + Natalie Chami (TALsounds)

Amir George + Lilianna Zofia Wosko

Please join us at Constellation on May 9 for the world premiere of their collaborations - performed with live audio! Tickets are available for advance purchase here.

More on this year’s artists:


Brian Ashby is a Chicago-based filmmaker, and co-founder of the documentary production company Scrappers Film Group. He recently produced and edited The Area, a five-year chronicle of displacement in a South Side neighborhood, which the Reader calls “an eye-opening saga of resistance.” He co-directed Central Standard: On Education and Scrappers, one of Roger Ebert’s Best Documentaries of 2010. His work as producer includes Hairy Who & the Chicago Imagists and Westermann: Memorial to the Idea of Man If He Was an Idea. He spends his free time browsing Chicago Film Archives’ YouTube page.


Natalie Chami adopted the TALsounds moniker in 2009 for her explorations in the drone, ambient, and electro-acoustic improv disciplines. In live performance, Chami’s analog synthesizers weave together into drifting loops that evolve in tandem with her vocal leads and choral harmonies. Her meditative sessions stretch into hypnotizing depths of stream-of-consciousness multi-instrumental input, sinking into expanses of infinite sustain and cresting into bursts of noise from an arsenal of oscillators and effects pedals.

After a series of tape releases on labels like Hausu Mountain and Moog’s own physical imprint, Chami released her first TALsounds LP, Love Sick, with New York’s Ba Da Bing Records. She has performed across America and Canada, and traveled to Europe in 2018 for a string of dates with Chicago composer Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux). As a member of free music trio Good Willsmith, she has toured the US and released eight albums since 2012, including the LPs The Honeymoon Workbook (2014) and Things Our Bodies Used To Have (2016) on Mexico City-based label Umor Rex. Chami also performs as half of ambient duo l’eternebre and regularly collaborates in informal improv ensembles with musicians from Chicago and beyond, including frequent tour-mate Whitney Johnson (Matchess). She is Lebanese, was born in Ontario, and lives in Chicago.


Photo of Emily Eddy by Danielle Campbell

Emily Eddy is a film, video, and digital media artist and curator based in Chicago. Combining many forms of moving image, her work utilizes strategies of video diaries, archival practices, and experimental documentaries. She is the Development and Marketing Manager at Video Data Bank where she is proud to promote artists’ video, and she directs the Nightingale Cinema where she has curated film, video, and media works since 2013. Emily also serves as programmer of the Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival, a project of Chicago Filmmakers. Emily has curated screenings and exhibited work at many venues in Chicago as well as in Los Angeles, CA; Milwaukee, WI; Reykjavík, Iceland; and her hometown, Portland, OR.


Amir George is a filmmaker and curator based in Chicago. George is a programmer at True/False Film Fest and the founder of The Cinema Culture, a grassroots film programming organization, and co-founder (with curator Erin Christovale) of Black Radical Imagination, a touring experimental short film series. As an artist, George creates spiritual stories, juxtaposing sound and image into an experience of non-linear perception. George’s films have screened at institutions and film festivals including the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Anthology Film Archives, Glasgow School of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival, BlackStar Film Festival, Afrikana Film Festival, and Chicago Underground Film Festival, among others.


Photo of Bill MacKay by Mikel Patrick Avery

Bill MacKay’s blissful harmonic control and just-outside-the-box guitar mastery are one with his compelling songwriting. His creative voyage and imaginative influences are fully displayed on his Drag City debut, Esker and just released follow-up Fountain Fire, and his live performances are unmatched.

MacKay cut his teeth in various bands and projects spanning genres across the United States, and has created an extensive body of original work, while energizing the folk, avant-garde, and experimental diaspora.

His most recent records Fountain Fire (Drag City, 2019) Esker (Drag City, 2017), and SpiderBeetleBee (Drag City, 2017) his second duo set with Ryley Walker, reveal a startling range – from the folk of Appalachia, avant-rock, and blues to gospel, jazz, raga-esque excursions, and western-country modes. His records have received praise in reviews by the Chicago Reader, Mojo, The Ear, Uncut, Downbeat, Paste, Pitchfork and New City among other publications.


Lilianna Zofia Wosko is a Chicago based classically trained cellist with primary focus on solo and chamber music performance. Lilianna received her Masters in Music in Cello Performance from Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts Music Conservatory.

Lilianna has appeared with classical, jazz, new music and international music ensembles in the Chicago area and abroad. She has performed with the Illinois Philharmonic, The Paderewski Symphony Orchestra, and Lira Ensemble, and was a principal cellist of The New North Shore Chamber Orchestra. In her commitment to expanding her repertoire, Lilianna incorporates elements of different musical genres into her style and has been a part of Alama de Tango Ensemble, Tangata Ensemble, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Dolce String Quartet, and Star Gate Orchestra. Often asked to perform for various cultural and music events, Lilianna has been a part of the MusicNow concert series at the Chicago’s Harris Theater for Music and Dance, The Rose of Stambul production at Chopin Theatre with Chicago Folks Operetta, Chris Preissing’s Thunder Perfect Mind production with NON:op, and has played with Borderbend Arts Collective at the Baha’i Temple as part of the “Devotions with Music” series.

Actively involved in the Chicago music community, Lilianna has worked and performed with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Frank Rosaly, Paul Giallorenzo, Matt Ulery, Mike Reed, Timothy Daisy, Joel Styzens, Eric Leonardson, Christopher Preissing, Ben LaMar, Renee Baker, Quinlan Kirchner, Kahil El Zabar, and Theaster Gates. Lilianna has recorded music for commercials at Earhole Studios, performed and recorded with Grazyna Auguscik, and released four of her own CDs: My ChristmasEdited to formEpisodes 1-12, and Lilianna Zofia

The 2019 Media Mixer is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.



Out of the Vault: How We Work


5720 N. Ridge Avenue
Chicago IL 60660
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Saturday, April 27, 2019




Suggested donation, $8


still from Loretta Smith’s Where Did You Get That Woman? (1982)

This selection of films explores the struggles and hopes of women as they reflect on the relationship between power, gender, and labor in their working lives. Experimental filmmaker JoAnn Elam’s Chocolate Cake documents the process of making a cake… with an unexpected ending. Jim Klein, Julia Reichert, and Miles Mogulescu’s Union Maids focuses on the stories of three women—Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki and Sylvia Woods—as they recount the struggles, obstacles, and triumphs they experienced as laborers and union organizers in Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s. Loretta Smith’s Where Did You Get That Woman? follows seventy-year old Joan Williams, a bathroom attendant working on Rush Street, as she goes about her day-to-day work and reflects on her family history. Filmmaker Loretta Smith in person.

Films screening:

Chocolate Cake (JoAnn Elam, circa 1973, color, silent, 4 minutes, digital scan of 8mm original)

Union Maids (Jim Klein, Julia Reichert, Miles Mogulescu, 1976, 51 minutes, b&w, sound, new digital restoration provided courtesy of Jim Klein)

Where Did You Get That Woman? (Loretta Smith, 1982, color, sound, 30 minutes, 16mm)

Total run time: 85 minutes

Tickets are available for advance purchase here.


The Morrison-Shearer Foundation gifts their dance media collection to Chicago Film Archives


Sybil Shearer performing in Early Northbrook (circa 1956)

Chicago Film Archives is enormously pleased to announce the gifting of the Morrison-Shearer Foundation dance media collection to CFA. Our relationship with the Trustees and staff at the Foundation has been lengthy and has deepened considerably over the past ten years. Our combined inquiry, research, conservation work and collaboration has culminated in a profound mutual respect not only for the works in the collection, but for the interests, expertise and passions of all the individuals at both the Morrison-Shearer Foundation and Chicago Film Archives.

The Morrison-Shearer Foundation collection is comprised of unique and original film materials that reflect the artistry of photographer/filmmaker Helen Balfour Morrison and choreographer/dancer, Sybil Shearer. As a young dancer, Shearer dwelled deeply and thoroughly in the modernist dance movement taking shape in New York City, but began to forge her own creative path, pushing choreographic boundaries in new directions. In 1942 she moved to Chicago to teach and work close to nature, preferring the wide-open Midwest environment. It was here that she met the photographer Helen Balfour Morrison who became Shearer’s artistic collaborator. Morrison became skilled in using the motion camera not only to document Shearer’s work, but also to respond to and harmonize with the dancer she filmed. Read More »

CFA Media Mixer 2019: Meet this Year’s Artists


We’re so thrilled to announce the amazing lineup of artists participating in this year’s CFA Media Mixer event. Now in its eighth year (!!!), the Media Mixer has grown to be one of CFA’s most anticipated and exciting public programs. The project began in 2012 as a way to open up our vault of archival footage to Chicago-based contemporary artists, and to support the creation of a new video work by pairing visual artists with artists working with sound. At the heart of the Media Mixer is a desire to give our archival collections new life through the creative interpretation of a new generation of makers.

This year’s artists are (video + sound):

Brian Ashby + Bill MacKay

Emily Eddy + Natalie Chami (TALsounds)

Amir George + Lilianna Zofia Wosko

Please join us at Constellation on May 9 for the world premiere of their collaborations - performed with live audio!

Tickets are available for advance purchase here.

Read More »

Citizen with Camera: South Side Civic Engagement Through Home Movies


4927 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago IL 60615
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Saturday, April 6, 2019






Join us for an afternoon celebrating the residents and filmmakers of Chicago’s South Side. Watch home movies from 1960s-70s Chicago and learn about documenting daily life on the South Side of the city. CFA staff will join the South Side Home Movie Project to provide DIY tips on preserving your home movies!

This program is part of the mobile CitizenSHIP programming series taking place in and around Chicago.

2019 Benefit with Tom Palazzolo & Rick Kogan


1040 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611
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Friday, March 22, 2019


6pm - 9:30pm


You are cordially invited to the Chicago Film Archives’ annual benefit at The Carlyle Ballroom on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Please join Chicago legends Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune and documentary filmmaker Tom Palazzolo for an evening of cinema, conversation, cocktails, and cuisine that will support the preservation and exhibition of our city’s history and culture on film.

“There is not, and has never been, a filmmaker as sensitively attuned to the ways and wonders of Chicago as Tom Palazzolo. He’s been at it for decades and is a genius to cherish.” -Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

Where: The Carlyle Ballroom
1040 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois, 60611

When: Friday, March 22, 2019

6:00pm - 6:45pm   Reception– Cocktails and raffle purchases
6:45pm - 7:30pm   Buffet Dinner
7:30pm – 9:00pm   Program with host Rick Kogan and filmmaker Tom Palazzolo, screening of a new film by Tom Palazzolo, raffle drawing and live auction

Tickets: $175 or $300 a couple

Dress: Business Casual

For tickets contact: 312-243-1808 or

This benefit will raise much needed funding to help run Chicago’s only independent regional film archive. For over fifteen years, CFA has worked to identify, collect, preserve, and exhibit Chicago’s rich history and culture on film. Today the organization houses over 150 collections and more than 27,000 films. Join us as we celebrate these unique and extraordinary moving images—films that reflect our lives in the 20th century!

This year’s live auction prize is also unique and extraordinary … it’s Tom Palazzolo!



Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 2.55.18 PM

This film might document a family celebration, a reunion, a day-in-the-life of…, a child’s first day of school, or the opening of a start-up business. No matter what the occasion, the film will assuredly carry the distinct Palazzolo perspective on life. In addition, once completed, the lucky winner will get the opportunity to screen their newly made film at the Chicago Filmmakers’ firehouse theater.

Approximate value: Priceless (Proxy bidder can be arranged)

Please contact CFA for further parameters that will accompany the production of this film such as a limit on the number of shooting days or the geographical area where the film will be shot.

RAFFLE PRIZES ($25 per ticket)

Raffle tickets can be bought from CFA Board members or by contacting the CFA office at 312-243-1808 or


Wine Bottles On Shelves In Cellar

Between 29 and 37 years old, and properly cellared since release, all twelve bottles will need to be properly decanted before serving. Each bottle would retail for between $70 and $250, if available.
- Vaillon, Chablis 1er Cru, Grand vin Blanc de Bourgogne, 1982 – 2 bottles
- Gran Reserva 904, La Rioja Alta, 1983 – 3 bottles
- Cabreo, Vino Rosso, Ruffino, “Super Tuscan,” 1990 – 2 bottles
- Le Cigare Volant, Red Wine, Bonny Doon, 1987 - 2 bottles
- Chateau Talbot, Saint Julian Grand Cru, 1987 – 3 bottles
Approximate value $1500



Begin your Goat Hop for four at Duck Duck Goat, where you will have a drink at the bar and sample dishes of Executive Chef Stephanie Izard. Next, hop to Girl & the Goat, where you will receive another round of drinks at the bar and sample more of Chef Izard’s dishes. End your meal at Little Goat Diner, where you will enjoy a dessert and a nightcap. Izard’s renowned restaurant Girl & the Goat opened in Summer 2010. Little Goat Diner opened across the street just a few years later, and then Duck Duck Goat around the corner on Fulton Market in 2016. Girl & the Goat was nominated best new restaurant by the James Beard Foundation in 2011 and Izard won the Beard award for Best Chef Great Lakes in 2013. She was also named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2010.

The winners of these prizes are not required to attend the Benefit. Raffle tickets can be bought from CFA Board members or at the CFA office. If you cannot be in attendance but would like to bid on the Tom Palazzolo film production at the live auction, CFA will arrange for a proxy bidder to bid on your behalf.

CFA is proud to serve signature cocktails generously provided by Heaven’s Door, an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan.





Out of the Vault: Funny You Should Mention…


5720 N. Ridge Avenue
Chicago IL 60660
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Saturday, February 23, 2019




Suggested donation, $8


still from Don Klugman’s You’re Putting Me On (1969)

This selection of short films made between 1967 and 1970 by Robert Flaxman and Don Klugman capture a unique moment in Chicago’s history in which the music, comedy, and independent filmmaking scenes overlapped in hip Old Town.

Post-screening Q&A with filmmakers Robert Flaxman (via phone) and Don Klugman (in person)!

Tickets are available for advance purchase here.

Who (Robert Flaxman, 1967, 7 minutes)

I’ve Got This Problem (Don Klugman, 1966, 8.5 minutes)

You’re Putting Me On (Don Klugman, 1969, 16 minutes)

The Gospel According to Ralph Williams (Robert Flaxman, 1969, 8 minutes)

Second City “PTA Meeting” (Robert Flaxman, 1970, 10 minutes)

TRT: 50 minutes


Body + Camera 2019: The Un/Certain Body


888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
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Saturday, January 26, 2019




This event is free and open to the public.


still image from Life and Film (Larry Janiak in collaboration with Robert Stiegler and Jeffrey Pasco, 1965)

CFA has programmed a selection of films from our collections that will screen as part of Mana Contemporary’s Body + Camera festival. CFA’s program and a complete list of events is available here.

In partnership with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and Montom Arts, Body + Camera presents a broad spectrum of contemporary work in experimental, dance, and performance film, and includes special thematic screenings. This dynamic forum celebrates the intersection between the moving body and the moving image, focusing on risk-taking and independent artists, and featuring contemporary experimental projects that stretch mediums to their edge.

2018’s submissions, which span more than 25 countries of origin, convey an uncertain mood; underlying many of them are dilemmas around the context, purpose, and boundaries of the human form. These works illuminate some of the ways in which we struggle to understand corporeal existence in the context of a fluctuating world shaped by mercurial technologies, political absurdity, and grave environmental shifts. It is from within and without the boundaries of this complex reality that this year’s event finds its sentiment and title: The Un/Certain Body.

Featuring more than forty short films by emerging and established artists from around the world, Body + Camera will travel to Mana Contemporary Miami and Chicago later this year.

A look back at CFA’s public programs in 2018

2018 was a year marked by tremendous growth and development for CFA. Our mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit films that represent the history and culture of our region was evident in exhibitions, screenings, and programs that were as vibrant, diverse and unique as our collections. With public programs at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the Chicago Cultural Center, and the Chicago History Museum, and CFA’s films featured prominently in the exhibitions Up is Down: Mid-century Experiments in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio at the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University and Never a Lovely So Real: Photography and Film in Chicago, 1950-1980 at the Art Institute of Chicago, CFA reached new heights in terms of visibility and outreach. We feel humbled and honored to have worked with so many dedicated artists and organizations over the last year.

IMG_5476 IMG_5444
Read More »

Up is Down: Mid-century Experiments in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio


40 Arts Circle Drive, Evanston IL 60208
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ONGOING: September 18 - December 9, 2018


Free and open to all


It’s been an extremely fulfilling year working with the Block Museum of Art to provide access to numerous films from CFA’s Mort and Millie Goldsholl Collection that are the centerpiece of the exhibition Up is Down: Mid-century Experiments in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio. Up Is Down is the first major exhibition to explore the trailblazing work of mid-twentieth century artists/designers/filmmakers Morton and Millie Goldsholl (Morton, 1911–1995; Millie 1920–2012) and their Chicago-area advertising firm, Goldsholl Design Associates.

In the 1950s, Chicago-based design firm Goldsholl and Associates made a name for itself with innovative “designs-in-film.” Headed by Morton and Millie Goldsholl, the studio produced television spots, films, trademarks, corporate identities, and print advertisements for international corporations like Kimberly-Clark, Motorola, and 7-Up. Although they were compared to some of the most celebrated design firms of the day, the Goldsholls and their designers are relatively unknown today. Opening in September 2018, the Block Museum’s exhibition Up is Down: Mid-Century Experimentation in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio will reexamine the innovative work of Goldsholl and Associates and its national impact.

The Goldsholls attended Chicago’s Institute of Design (ID) and were inspired by ID’s founder, the artist and designer László Moholy-Nagy. The curriculum at ID included motion picture production, which Moholy-Nagy viewed as a medium of light and collage. Deeply influenced by Moholy-Nagy’s teachings and Bauhaus approach, with its ethos of aesthetic experimentation and social engagement, Morton and Millie fostered a similar attitude among designers working in their firm. Their work in film grew equally out of the unique moving image and design culture of Chicago. At midcentury, Chicago was known as the “Hollywood” for educational film production, churning out thousands of educational and promotional films each year. Filmmakers worked expansively—producing slide shows, short films, and spectacular industry installations, in addition to print advertising and other ephemera. The creative work these artists pursued often influenced their commercial productions and vice versa.

Featuring films, television ads, and other kinds of moving images alongside designed objects, print advertisements, trademarks, photographs, and drawings, Up is Down will be the first exhibition to illuminate the distinctive brand of motion pictures that Chicago became known for in mid-century and the ways the city served as an influential testing ground for ideas connecting art, industry, design, and film. The exhibition, its related publication, and public programs will provide context for understanding Chicago as a unique site for ideas connecting art, design, and film that eventually gained international currency.

Up Is Down is curated at the Block Museum of Art by Amy Beste PhD, Director of Public Programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (and CFA Board Member), and Corinne Granof, PhD, Curator at Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University.


Up Is Down Opening: Hands-On Design Lab
Saturday, October 6, 10:30am

Up Is Down – Exhibition Opening Talk with Author Thomas Dyja, The Third Coast
Saturday, October 6, 2pm

Ellen Lupton: Design is Art That People Use
Wednesday, October 24, 6pm

Politics of the Studio: Race and Design in Mid-Century America
Thursday, November 1, 6pm

See the Light: Inside the Exhibition “Up Is Down”
Wednesday, November 7, 6pm

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Art Design Chicago, a wide-ranging initiative to explore the breadth of Chicago’s role as a catalyst and incubator for innovations in art and design. Art Design Chicago is a spirited celebration of the unique and vital role Chicago plays as America’s crossroads of creativity and commerce. Led by the Terra Foundation for American Art with presenting partner The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, this citywide partnership of cultural organizations explores Chicago’s art and design legacy with more than 25 exhibitions and hundreds of events in 2018.