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March 25, 2013

CFA Media Mixer Updates

Last spring we asked 3 filmmakers (Kent Lambert, Jessica Bardsley, Ellen Castleberry & Andy Resek) and 3 musicians (CAVE, Tim Kinsella, Josh Abrams) to team up and make a short film using CFA footage. We then premiered their finished films at our first annual CFA MEDIA MIXER benefit. Our goal behind this creative-based project was to inspire artstic use of our incredible films and collections. The event is not just a celebration of local talent and artstic re-use, but also a benefit and awareness-raiser for CFA. We here at CFA are dedicated to expanding the audiences of the Midwest’s collective cinematic heritage, and we hope our Media Mixer event inspires others to assist us in these efforts.

Last year’s CFA MEDIA MIXER films have had a fun and rewarding life beyond their Hideout premiere. Kent Lambert & CAVE’s film, WREST, won the “The Made in Chicago Award” at this year’s Chicago Underground Film Festival, and screened at this past weekend’s Ann Arbor Film Festival. Jessica Bardsley & Tim Kinsella’s film, LIKE BACK AND ENJOY IT: A FILM ABOUT JOANN ELAM, also screened in Ann Arbor…AND won The Eileen Maitland Award !! This award is given to the film that “best addresses women’s issues and gives voice to female voices.” We are so delighted these CFA-commissioned films are being shown to new audiences and that last year’s CFA MEDIA MIXER artists are being acknowledged for their great films (we know we’re biased, but we really do think they’re great!).

We’re excited to continue our CFA MEDIA MIXER into its second year with the following artists:

Cauleen Smith AND The Eternals
Jesse McLean AND Sich Mang
Alexander Stewart AND Sam Prekop

Their films will premiere Thursday, June 6th at the Hideout. More details to come!