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February 5, 2013

Margaret Heads to the UK!

This March, Margaret Conneely’s MISTER E heads to The Horse Hospital - a three tiered progressive arts venue in London that provides an umbrella for new media, film, fashion, literature and music.

A domestic “black comedy,” MISTER E expresses some of the edgier mischief and discontent that women of the 1950s could rarely express openly. This short film narrates the revenge acted out by a young wife, left at home while her husband is at a card game; by staging a rendezvous with a mannequin, this woman provokes an eruption of jealousy and violence before bringing about the desired marital tenderness. The film will be part of a larger Morton Bartlett themed screening of doll-related (in this case, mannequin) oddities and rarities. Read more about outsider artist Morton Bartlett and this amazing film program here.