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June 21, 2012

CFA named “Best Film History Organization”

The A Side cover of this week’s Chicago Reader by Paul Higgins and Paul Octavious.

As many of you Chicagolandians already know, each year the Chicago Reader dedicates one of its publications to the “Best of Chicago” list. The list consists of both “Critics’ Picks” and “Readers’ Poll,” or categories voted on by readers of the alternative weekly newspaper. The Critics’ Picks range from wildly specific categories such as “Best Library Mascot” to “Best Fluorescent Dining Experience,” while the Readers’ Poll sticks to the basics – “Best Movie Theater,” “Best Fancy Restaurant,” “Best View of the City,” etc. And guess what!? We made it into this year’s #bestofchi as Critics’ Pick “Best Film History Organization.”  Many thanks to Chicago Reader’s J.R. Jones for the fine words and recognition!