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April 24, 2013

A Big Welcome and Another Thanks…

CFA welcomes Bridgette McCullough Alexander to our Board of Directors.  She joins a growing, vibrant, creative and supportive group of people who shore up CFA and enrich our programs.  I am genuinely happy and proud to be in their company.  Bridgette joins Andrea Gambino, Margaret Newman, Jacqueline Stewart, Stephen Journey and myself on the Board of Directors.
My friend and one of the first people I went to when starting this beast (the archive), Michelle Puetz joins our equally awesome Advisory Board.  She joins Alison Cuddy, Charles Tepperman, David Huck, Amanda Robillard, Larry Zanger, Leslie Buchbinder, Scott Smith and Scott Baker…all who have donated significant helpings of their talents and skills.

This is where the thanks comes in.  The Albert Pick Jr. Fund has awarded CFA a grant to develop our board.  This grant gives us the opportunity to work with Jane Dewey, a consultant with a stellar reputation, who specializes in fundraising and board development.  The grant gives us the opportunity to develop another arm of the organization that operates smoothly and with muscle to complement the work of our staff.  Thank you Albert Pick Jr. Fund and true-blue thanks to the boards for your buy in.  (I think I speak for Anne on this as well.)