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Chicago, Illinois 60616
(312) 243-1808

Adopt a collection

Since CFA opened in 2003 to care for the Chicago Public Library Collection, over 150 additional collections have arrived and currently reside in CFA’s vault.  All reflect the history and culture of the Midwest and represent many genres of filmmaking including amateur, educational, industrial, documentary, travelogue and experimental films.

Please consider giving to our varied and unique collections to ensure their safety, sustain their viability and to provide access to them. When donating funds to a particular collection at the levels below, you will become a sponsor of that collection. Your name will be entered into the permanent record and will be prominently displayed online along with the detailed description of that collection. Please consider these 3 levels of giving to a collection of your choice.

Preservation Sponsor $1000-1499
Preservation Partner $1500-2499
Preservation Patron $2500 and up

We invite you to “Explore Our Collections” online here, or give us a call (312-243-1808) or email ( to find a collection that best suits you.

To adopt a collection, click on the donate link below. Please clarify what particular collection you would like to sponsor in the comment section (“Add additional note to merchant”) of your final Square purchase review.

As always, all donations to CFA are tax deductible.

Make a secure donation online through Square.

Some collections that have been sponsored include:

The Sylvia & Russ Davis Collection
Colleen Roberts – Preservation Sponsor

The JoAnn Elam Collection
Susan Elam – Preservation Patron
Ken Belcher and Sandy Ihm – Preservation Sponsors
Bruce McConaghie

The Marquis Cring Collection 
Susan Hayes – Preservation Sponsor