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MLA International Symposium in Lisbon — “Remembering Voices Lost”

July 24, 2019 ,  10:30 AM

Lisbon, Portugal
Chicago Film Archives is proud to announce that the JoAnn Elam Collection will be the subject of a paper presented at the MLA International Symposium.

Aurore Spiers, former CFA intern, cataloger and current PhD candidate at University of Chicago’s Department of Film and Media Studies program will be presenting a paper titled “Re-Constructing JoAnn Elam’s Labor Film Everyday People (1978-1990)” as part of a panel called “Filmmakers on the Frontlines: Resisting State Repression and Violence.

The JoAnn Elam Collection was donated to CFA by her family in 2011. It is a deeply interesting collection of personal film essays and social documentaries that span from 1967 to 1990. CFA is grateful to Ms. Spiers for her both scholarly and personal interest in Elam’s work.

You can find out more about the MLA International Symposium here.
You can find out more about JoAnn Elam’s collection here.
Lisbon, Portugal
Hours:10:30 AM
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