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KINOSONIK #5 at Nightingale Cinema

Saturday, November 7, 2015 ,  8PM

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL , go to map

Admissions: Free



Back for a second year, KINOSONIK is a collaboration among Experimental Sound Studio, the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives. This year, in mini-residencies at ESS, three pairings of musicians will collaborate to compose live scores for anthologies of film curated and sequenced by CFA from their extensive vaults. The artist pairings—Mwata Bowden/Coppice, Damon Locks/Peter Maunu, and Walter Kitundu/Katherine Young—will perform their work at The Nightingale and at Black Cinema House throughout the late summer and fall of 2015. ESS selected the artists based on their substantive and exemplary artistic accomplishments to date, their commitment to risk-taking exploratory approaches to sound and music, their long-standing experience in collaboration, and their interest in integrating their various sonic approaches with moving image.

with live scores by Walter Kitundu & Katherine Young

Sunday, November 1
at Black Cinema House
(7200 S Kimbark Ave)

Saturday, November 7
at The Nightingale
(1084 N Milwaukee Ave)

Design in Movement (Patricia Wright, 1965, 13.5 min.)
A unique and provocative approach to design – a study of the design vocabulary of touch and movement rather than of vision.

An Angel Fish (James Dutcher, 1974, 10 min.)
Illustrates the growth and development of a young angel fish in a Carribean coral reef.

Visual Variations on Noguchi (Marie Menken & Lucille Dlugoszewski, 1945, 8 min.)
Hand-held photography and unusual editing make the sculptures of Japanese- American artist Isamu Noguchi appear to move.

Monuments to Erosion (1974) A pictorial study of unique, colorful, and dramatic landforms created over the ages by the eroding action of wind and water.

Glasshouse (Lawrence Janiak, 1964, 7 min.)
Through double exposures, stillness and movement, Glasshouse introduces viewers to an unnamed illusive structure.

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
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