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KINOSONIK #4 at Nightingale Cinema

Saturday, October 3, 2015 ,  8PM

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL , go to map

Admissions: Free



Back for a second year, KINOSONIK is a collaboration among Experimental Sound Studio, the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives. This year, in mini-residencies at ESS, three pairings of musicians will collaborate to compose live scores for anthologies of film curated and sequenced by CFA from their extensive vaults. The artist pairings—Mwata Bowden/Coppice, Damon Locks/Peter Maunu, and Walter Kitundu/Katherine Young—will perform their work at The Nightingale and at Black Cinema House throughout the late summer and fall of 2015. ESS selected the artists based on their substantive and exemplary artistic accomplishments to date, their commitment to risk-taking exploratory approaches to sound and music, their long-standing experience in collaboration, and their interest in integrating their various sonic approaches with moving image.

with live scores by Damon Locks & Peter Maunu

Sunday, September 27
at Black Cinema House
(7200 S Kimbark Ave)

Saturday, October 3
at The Nightingale
(1084 N Milwaukee Ave)

Adams Film (Lawrence Janiak, 1963, 9 min.)
A visual collage experiment, or “an enigmatic combination of personal family images and dynamic shapes.” Live action images are combined with abstract images and textures that were chemically generated directly onto 16mm film.

Tai Chi Bowling (JoAnn Elam, c. 1972, 11 min.)
The ancient art of Tai Chi transitions seamlessly into the fluid movements of bowling.

Full Circle (Robert Stiegler, 1968, 24.5 min.)
“A contemporary Koan. A series of highs, encompassing people: waiting for the bus, laying tiles at Swami’s house, celebrating a Spring Be-in and children smiling.” Robert Stiegler

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
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