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From the Reels of the Chicago Film Archives @ Nightingale Cinema

October 8, 2021 ,  7pm

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60642 , go to map

The Nightingale is thrilled to re-open its doors with an exciting screening of reels from the Chicago Film Archives. Each member of the Nightingale Cinema Programming Collective has selected a film from CFA to screen at this event. Both an exciting collaboration with our beloved local film archive, as well as a celebration of our community. Thank you for supporting Chicago Cinema!

Program Details:

Chicago: City to See in ‘63, Margaret Conneely, 1962, 13:33, Selected by Emily Eddy

The Silverfish King Print #1, JP Somersaulter, 1973, 6:34, Selected by Drew Durepos

Joe Cutting Tree, JoAnn Elam, 4:40, Selected by Jory Drew

General Mills Fun Group Incorporated “Craft Master Toy”, General Mills Fun Group, Inc, 1970, 6:57, Selected by Raul Benitez

Harry Mantel’s Vignettes: Irish Faces, Harry Mantel, 1970, 2:27, Selected by Caitlin Ryan

Could You Eat Just A Little Bit of Shit, James Benoit, 1975, 7:38, Selected by Kathleen Sachs

Flesh Colored Crayons, Byron Grush, 1992, 3:17, Selected by Jesse Malmed

Proof of vaccination will be required to attend, and masks will be worn at all times. This event is funded in part by an Activate History grant from Illinois Humanities.

Nightingale Cinema
1084 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60642
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