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4th annual CFA MEDIA MIXER

Thursday, June 18, 2015 ,  8PM-12AM

1354 West Wabansia Avenue
Chicago, IL , go to map

Admissions: $15 (21+)



CFA’s annual video remix benefit returns with an impressive lineup of video premieres, DJs and raffle prizes. At the heart of this fabulously fun event is the world premiere of 3 video collaborations made entirely with footage from CFA.

The way this works: CFA asks three artists to make a short video piece using footage from CFA’s collections and then to turn that piece over to a sound artist/musician who records a score specifically for the piece.  In other words:

This year’s talented line-up includes (filmmakers listed first):

Amir George + The O’Mys
Jesse Malmed + ONO
Fern Silva + Phil Cohran

(more on this year’s artist lineup here)

The evening will be hosted by Alison Cuddy (Chicago Humanities Festival) with sounds from DJ Naomi Walker


AND so many great raffle and silent auction prizes in store! Raffle tickets will be sold before and during the event and awarded the night of the Media Mixer (you don’t have to be there to win!). Silent Auction entries will only be available at the event. And be forewarned: auction entries close at 10:30PM!


  • 2 tickets to Pitchfork Music Festival (Friday)
  • 2 tickets to Pitchfork Music Festival (Saturday)
  • 2 tickets to Pitchfork Music Festival (Sunday)
  • $100 Gift Certificate to Dusty Groove
  • Chicago Theater Private Tour
  • Massage Gift Certificate
  • AMC Movie Theater Gift Card
  • Gene Siskel Film Center Membership for 2 (one year)
  • Chef’s Burger Bistro Gift Certificate
  • Volare Gift Certificate
  • Swedish Fine Art Museum Membership (one year)
  • Mariano’s Gift Certificate
  • Lyric Opera Back Stage Tour for 2


  • 2 tickets to North Coast Music Festival
  • 2 tickets to a Bulls Game
  • 2 Three-Day Passes to the Pitchfork Music Festival
  • tickets to Lyle Lovett and His Big Band at the Chicago Theater (August 1, 2015)
  • Sweet Seats Cubs Tickets
  • Batting Lessons
  • Mexican Fine Arts Museum Membership

All proceeds from the CFA MEDIA MIXER go to benefit the Chicago Film Archives and their efforts to identify, preserve and provide access to the Midwest’s audio-visual heritage. CFA MEDIA MIXER gives CFA fans a chance to support the efforts of both CFA and local artists at the same time!

Endless thanks to our event sponsors:

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1354 West Wabansia Avenue
Chicago, IL
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Admissions:$15 (21+)