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35th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema

December 1-12, 2013 , 

Havana, Cuba

San Francisco based filmmaker, Dominic Angerame, will present select experimental films from CFA’s collections at this year’s 35th annual International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba. Angerame first introduced the Festival to experimental filmmaking in 2006 by presenting his own work. Since then he has helped organized the Festival’s Cine Experimental Norteamericano program, which covers the history of experimental cinema in the US from 1939. For this year’s program he chose select films by Chicago filmmakers JoAnn Elam and Lawrence Janiak, and we couldn’t be more delighted! This is the first time any CFA films have been shown in Cuba, and possibly even the first time these select films have been seen abroad.

Films by JoAnn Elam (screening December 5 & 10):
Backyard, 1967-1990, 8mm., Color, Silent, 14 min [presented on DVD]
Beauty and the Beast, 1967-1990, 8mm., Color, Silent, 13 min [presented on DVD]
Daytime Television, 1967-1990, 16mm., Color, Sound, 3 min [presented on DVD]
Last Whole Earth Catalog, 1967-1990, 8mm., Color, Silent, 21 min [presented on DVD]
Lie Back and Enjoy It, 1982, 16mm., B&W, Sound, 8 min [presented on DVD]
Sanibel, 1970′s, 8mm., Color, Silent, 10 min [presented on DVD]

Films by Lawrence Janiak (screening December 9 & 14):
Adam’s Film, 1963, 16mm., Color, Sound, 11 min [presented on DVD]