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Identifier: F.MS-0109c
Identifier: F.MS-0170d
Identifier: F.MS-0480
Identifier: F.MS-0482
Identifier: F.MS-0266
Photograph courtesy of the Morrison-Shearer Foundation © Morrison-Shearer Foundation, Northbrook, IL.
The Morrison-Shearer collection is an extensive collection of dance films, most of which were shot by Helen Balfour Morrison. Sybil Shearer and Jerry Lev, a Shearer Company dancer, shot a small number of the films. Most films were shot in Northbrook, IL at Shearer’s dance studio and the surrounding environs that include the neighboring golf course, Green Acres Country Club. Some of the 8mm films were shot in New York City. The collection features solo performances by Sybil Shearer, Shearer with her dance company, interviews with Sybil Shearer and some rehearsal footage.
Identifier: F.MS-0140a
Identifier: F.MS-0140b
Identifier: F.MS-0107
Identifier: F.MS-0187
Identifier: F.MS-0201b
Identifier: F.MS-0170c
Identifier: F.MS-0170b
Identifier: F.MS-0170a
Identifier: F.MS-0109e
Identifier: F.MS-0479
Identifier: F.MS-0481
Identifier: F.MS-0201a