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The Byron Grush Collection contains experimental and animation films made by Chicago filmmaker and animator, Byron Grush. Byron has ties to numerous local universities and organizations including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Academy of Fine Art, Goldsholl Design Associates, and Center Cinema Coop. This collection’s experimental films consist of hand drawn animated works and abstract short films, made primarily between the years 1961 and 1976. Films by other local filmmakers and artists are included in this collection. Also found in this collection are: an original drawing from Byron's film Why We Fight, a signed copy of The Shoestring Animator, newspaper clippings of Byron’s work, and other ephemera.
Identifier: F.2016-04-0028
Identifier: F.2016-04-0029
Identifier: F.2016-04-0030
Identifier: F.2016-04-0048
Identifier: F.2016-04-0090
Identifier: F.2016-04-0019
Identifier: F.2016-04-0020
Identifier: F.2016-04-0092
Identifier: F.2016-04-0010
Identifier: F.2016-04-0052
Identifier: F.2016-04-0060
Identifier: F.2016-04-0076
Identifier: F.2016-04-0089