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[Untitled] (living room dance)

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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0034
Run Time
0h 10m 47s
This film appears to be a party scenario, set in a living room.  Some of the guests seem out of place--the woman in an acrobatic couple practices her splits by the hearth--but the main events are a solo by a woman in white (Ruth Page), a solo by a man in white, and couple dances between them.
The film begins with a shot of a living room, with a fireplace and some seating off to the side.  It is populated by various guests, some dancing and some not.  They soon make way for a woman in white who dances a solo that occasionally involves others, such as a chef who often appears to join her.  Some of the characters are exaggerated and thus reminiscent of vaudeville, such as a man in an extremely tall hat with an umbrella.  The woman in white pauses to watch this man's silly solo.  Then a man in white, apparently meant to be a love interest, appears to dance a pas de deux with the woman in white.  Behind them, a trio of men in bowler hats does a dance of their own.  The two groups interact with one another, splitting apart, crossing over, and freezing while the other dances.  Page tells the cameraperson to stop rolling a few times, so there are breaks in character and repeats of choreography.  Eventually, Page exits, as do the men in bowler hats.  This leaves the man in white to do a solo, gathering onlookers (who freeze in place) as he does so.  After awhile, the woman in white returns to dance another pas de deux with him.  The two spin their way offstage to finish the dance, and the onlookers slowly follow, leaving the acrobatic couple to do their acrobatics.  The film ends there.
Actors, Performers and Participants
Page, Ruth (is performer)