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Funny Bunnies Meet the King (Episodes 3-5) [1949]

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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0086
Run Time
0h 8m 55s
Date Produced
This film appears to contain three episodes of an early children's television show, "Funny Bunnies."  At least 26 weeks of episodes were produced by Dynamic Films in the late 1940s and early 1950s as "motion pictures for television," made available for syndication throughout the United States.  The show seems to be arranged as segments of long narratives, following the doings of various animal puppets, particularly a pair of bunnies, Benny and Jenny.  

Included here are Episode 3 (the final minute only), Episode 4, and Episode 5 of "The Funny Bunnies Meet the King."
The film opens during the final segment of Episode 3 of "The Funny Bunnies," in which Professor the owl crowns Hiram (?) the donkey with a dunce cap.  At the end of it, a screen is shown with the words "to be continued," and the film goes black.

After a countdown, Episode 4 is introduced with a title slide: "The Funny Bunnies Meet the King."  It begins with Mrs. Duck arriving to visit Numbskull the lion.  He is suffering from insomnia and she warns him about the dangerous Hiram the donkey, with wings and a horn.  Then Benny and Jenny arrive to bring him to a fight with Hiram, but Numbskull feels afraid and unwell.  Nevertheless, he puts on his crown and gives Benny and Jenny a ride (on his back) to the fight.  Again, the "to be continued" screen appears.

After another countdown, Episode 5 is introduced with the same title: "The Funny Bunnies Meet the King."  It begins with Mrs. Duck arriving to visit Hiram the donkey, who she believes will lose the fight against Numbskull the lion and offers to carry any final messages from him to a Matilda.  He insists that it won't be necessary but she is emphatic, showing him the wreath she has brought for his post-fight funeral.  Then Benny and Jenny arrive with Numbskull the lion, but both Hiram and Numbskull are afraid to face each other.  The bunnies have to drag them back by the tails as they try to run away.  Benny then announces that they will begin the big match, and it will prove who is king of the forest.  The contestants accidentally bump rumps and, frightened, try to go running off again.  Once again coaxed back, Numbskull glances up at Hiram and sees his "horn," only to discover that it's a dunce cap and he has been deceived.  Now angry, he promises to grind his opponent to mincemeat; Hiram resigns himself: "Oh, this is the end."  But then a horn sounds, and all but Hiram scatter, afraid of the hunter who surely approaches.  Hiram is relieved that he will return to the farm (despite certain punishment for running away) and tell his tale of conquering Numbskull instead of actually being forced to fight.  The episode ends here and is followed by a "The End" title screen (signalling the end of the narrative arc about "the king"); this screen also lists the program as "A Flamingo Film Presentation" "Produced by Dynamic Films, Inc."  The film goes black and then ends.
Flamingo Film
Main Credits
Dynamic Films (is production company)