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Music in My Heart [1947]

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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0080
Run Time
0h 4m 36s
Date Produced
"Music in My Heart" is a stage musical, choreographed by Ruth Page, that premiered at the Adelphi Theatre on Broadway in New York City on October 2, 1947.

This film appears to be an excerpt of a rehearsal for the musical.  However, it is underexposed and therefore the image quality is quite low.
The film opens with a tight shot of three dancers in a dance studio, wearing practice clothes.  A female soloist stands in front, hands on her head and swaying her hips sensually.  Two men watch her from behind.  Two more men enter the frame, one kneeling and reaching toward her lasciviously.  As the woman continues her slow, seductive movements while standing and then kneeling/crouching, a fifth man enters to watch her.  She interacts more directly with this man, touching his face, and then blossoms into cambrés and sweeping ports de bras.  Soon, the other men stand back a bit while the woman rests her back on this fifth man's knee, but she once again rises and attracts them back with her fluid movements.  She has a similar set of interactions with a couple of the other men in turn, clearly actively courting the attention of the entire group.  She then begins including more ballet steps, including developés and ronds du jambe en l'air, for which one of the men 'partners' her, supporting her back and swiveling her around afterwards in a sort of flexed attitude.  Afterwards, she mounts the shoulders of another man, and is then lifted off by yet another.

After a slight cut forward, several of the men lift the woman in the air (though she sits on one man's shoulders) and carry her in a small circle.  When she dismounts, the men sit on the ground around her as she extends her original movements into more dramatic steps.  The men reach toward her, engrossed, and rise to follow her as she begins to move away from their circle.  She moves closer to the camera and looks directly at it for the first time; it then cuts back (or forward?) to her position surrounded by the men.  She does one more seductive plié and then all seem to break character and begin to walk away.  The film goes black and, several moments later, ends.
Additional Credits
Page, Ruth (is choreographer)