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Carmen (Act 2) [1927]

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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0077
Run Time
0h 4m 56s
Date Produced
Ruth Page has staged at least 4 versions of Carmen, all set to Georges Bizet's original opera music. The version apparently depicted in this film is the first version, choreographed and first performed in 1926 at the Ravinia Opera. Unlike most films in this collection, which feature full-cast rehearsals and performances in the studio or onstage, Page is dancing alone in this film, apparently in the out of doors, and making frequent eye contact with the filmmaker. Additional versions of Carmen appeared in 1939, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1972, and 1976.
The film opens with a view of Ruth Page dancing in an elaborate Spanish-influenced dress, shawl, and hat. She appears to be dancing on a platform at a sandy beach, positioned right by bushes and/or a tree line. Page demonstrates and repeats a series of wrist movements, turns, and hip-led steps, as if to solidify a style more than specific choreography. Since she is alone, it is unclear whether she is meant to represent one dancer's steps or several. She does not travel much and thus neither does the camera. Just over halfway through the film, she stops and kneels emphatically, as if to signify a final pose. The film then cuts to more of her dancing in the same style, this time with the film playback speed slower, thus coming across as slow motion (suggesting that recording speed was faster). The film ends in the middle of this slow-motion dancing.
Additional Credits
Page, Ruth (is choreographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Page, Ruth (is performer)