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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0100
Run Time
0h 17m 30s
"Reunion" is a ballet choreographed by Bentley Stone. This film appears to represent a rehearsal of the ballet; it takes place in a dance studio and at least partial costumes are worn.
The film opens with a shot of a dance studio lined with ballet barres.  A male dancer in a dark unitard immediately enters the frame, followed shortly by a female dancer (Ruth Page) dressed in heeled shoes, a white dress, and a hooded cloak.  She collapses backward onto him, and he supports her as she walks for several steps.  After they separate, a second man enters and replaces the first in supporting Page.  When the first man returns, all three old hands and spin about, supporting each other's weight.  They perform several iterations of this weight-sharing before breaking into a line and dancing as a small ensemble; this soon becomes a loose circle.  Soon, the men exit and leave Page to perform a solo, again playing with weight distribution.  Eventually, she begins to exit.

The film then cuts forward to a segment with the two men now wearing baseball caps, striped tops, and trousers.  They dance an energetic duet including jumps and turns.  When they complete it in a back corner, Page reappears in a hat and pointe shoes in addition to the white dress (and lacking the cloak).  She dances excitedly, using a mix of classical and popular steps.  The men each take turns partnering her for merry jaunts around the room.  Then the trio comes together and the men lift Page several times; after one promenades her around the room again they once again come back together and dance as a group.  They perform in a series of formations with lifts and group steps until one of the men exits with Page, leaving the other to perform a shuffling solo.  As it becomes more active, the dancer tosses away his hat.  When he completes his solo, Page and the other man reenter together, and the three dance as a group, once again including weight-sharing choreography and lifts.  Over the course of this group dance, one of the men seems to romantically win over the Page character and the two stroll off camera while the remaining man dances vigorously and rather angrily.  While he does so, Page reenters alone.

The camera then cuts forward somewhat to a more intimate pas de deux by Page and the man with whom she exited--this still includes several weight shifting exercises and numerous lifts.  Eventually, the two separate and Page begins a solo.  When she begins a sequence up step-up turns (also known as "lame ducks"), he returns to catch her.  They dance another pas de deux, which begins as an adagio and then speeds up.  While they are dancing, the other man enters abruptly and sweeps up Page, who escapes to her preferred man but then the two engage in a sort of tug-of-war with her.  Just as she breaks out of this and begins to address the issue, the film cuts again.

It seems to return to a segment from the beginning of the work (but is probably actually the finale)--the men are once again in their dark unitards and Page is back in heels and the cloak.  The two men rehearse a weight exercise, and Page then joins them for similar work as a trio.  Soon, all join hands and dance in a row, followed by a circle.  The film then cuts again, and Page begins dancing with one of the men while the other looks on.  Eventually, he rejoins them and the three join arms and dance in a row again.  They separate briefly one last time before striking their final pose in a three-way back-to-back squat.

The film then cuts to an additional bit of repeat footage from the final couple dance before the finale.  It ends abruptly.
Additional Credits
Stone, Bentley (is choreographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Page, Ruth (is performer)
Stone, Bentley (is performer)
Camryn, Walter (is performer)