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Chicago Architecture from 54th Floor

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Film Identifier: F.2010-02-0012
Run Time
0h 2m 13s
Date Produced
Short film depicting construction sites in Chicago as captured from the 54th floor of the Three First National Plaza located at 70 West Madison Street. While the construction of that building was not officially completed till 1981, interestingly, the filmmaker made this short film while shooting from there in 1974. It may have been another structure entirely before it officially became known as the Three First National Plaza. 

The Chicago River is prominently featured, as is Chicago Film Archives' own building (329 W. 18th St.).
Film begins with an aerial view of the loading docks and bridge, then the camera pans to reveal the bustling construction site of a large building in the downtown area, near the Chicago River which is clearly shown.

The camera moves several times to reveal the full scale and breadth of the work being done on this massive building, against the burgeoning background of hefty construction trucks, the docks, and the constant flow of the city's traffic. 
Main Credits
Patterson, Rhodes (is filmmaker)
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Chicago (represents)