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Signal, The

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Film Identifier: F.2010-02-0207
Run Time
0h 9m 21s
Date Produced
circa 1966
A charming short film featuring puppetry and stop motion animation by Norma and Rhodes Patterson. The film is based on the short story Le Signe, or The Signal, written by Guy de Massupant, published in 1886. 
The film tells the story of a woman who decides to copy a gesture she has seen a neighboring prostitute make at men walking in the street, secretly signaling them to her home. Much to her surprise, a young man responds favorably to her offer, which leaves her guilt ridden and distraught. While overt references to prostitution are kept oblique in the film - noted, instead, as the "window business" - the repercussions faced by the housewife are made clear straight away. 

The Signal is a trial print; it is unclear if the film was ever released. 
Main Credit
Patterson, Rhodes (is filmmaker)
Patterson, Norma (is animator)
Additional Credit
Patterson, Rhodes (is cinematographer)
Patterson, Norma (is writer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Patrice Philippe Bowen (is narrator)