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I-O Corn Creek

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0080
Run Time
0h 24m 35s
Date Produced
Outtakes from a production entitled “Inside Outdoor” that was filmed in Desert Game Range, Nevada. Footage includes shots of a taxidermy studio, a man fixing the sight on a rifle, pans of mountain ranges, cowboys branding calves, antelope in the wild, a mounted deer head, a ram, and Russ Davis looking a lot like Burl Ives.
00:00 MS Int. Taxidermy/gun workshop, man cleaning rifle, clapboard, CU man cleaning rifle, adjusting sight man looks into camera smiles and says “hi everyone”, 02:51-03:13 leader, LS Ext bird in grassland next to dead rabbit, CU dead rabbit, LS dead rabbit, LS young boy holding clapper in front of mountain range in background, pan around horizon, 05:00 CU Flowering bush, 05:56-06:08 leader, LS flock of birds in the air, LS Antelope on rocky field, antelope runs off, LS pan across mountain range, 08:51-09:00 leader, LS pan across mountain range, 09:52 LS rancher on horse with cattle, MS rancher roping calf, MS branding calf, MS roped calf being dragged into CU, numerous shots roping and branding calves, 11:51-12:08 leader, MS Russ Davis dressed as cowboy walks off with mountains in background, repeated, out of focus shot of wood house, 14:51-15:00 leader, CU mounted dear head on wood wall, man’s finger pointing out different aspect of deer head, 17:47-17:52 leader, CU man petting ram through fence, MS ram, CU Ram’s head, MS tree branches, 19:24 LS snowy mountain range, 20:34-20:38 leader, CU man with goose on his lap, LS antelope, MS sign for Desert Game Range with Russ Davis next to sign, out 24:34
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Imperial World Films (is production company)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Bettencount (is participant)
Related Place
Nevada (production location of)