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Raymond Massey Reads the Bible: The Greatness and Divinity of Man, The Returned of the Ransomed, On the Bible

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0022
Run Time
0h 10m 50s
Date Produced
Three brief episodes of a syndicated television show where actor Raymond Massey reads and discusses excerpts from the Bible. Shot live in one take with a 3 camera setup, Massey reads at a desk in a private study. In the first episode Massey discusses the divine origins of humanity. In the second episode he connects the Holocaust to the travails of the Jews in the Bible. In the third episode he discusses the origins of “man” and humility before creation.
00:01 Opening titles over CU of hand opening Bible, MS of Massey reading from Bible in chair, ZOOM IN to Massey reading from Exodus, CU Massey reading from Psalm 8, alternate between 1 CU and 2 MS, Massey stands up and sits on desk and reads from Ecclesiastes, end credits, out 03:33. Countdown 03:42 opening titles over CU of hand opening Bible, MS Massey sitting in chair reading from Ezekiel, alternates between 1 CU and 2 MS, reads from Jeremiah, Psalm 126, end credits, out 07:10. Countdown 07:20 opening titles over CU of hand opening Bible, MS Massey sitting on desk reading from Bible, reads the first words of the Book, alternates between CU and 2 MS, reads from Deutoronomy, 09:45 at CU sound becomes noisy, Massey sits down in chair reads from Isaiah, end credits, out 10:44.
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Additional Credit
De Rosher, Geze (is editor)
Haug, Art (is cinematographer)
Pingitore, Carl (is editor)
Wishengrad, Morton (is writer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Massey, Raymond (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)