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[Wrestling TV show]: Atlas Strong Man Exhibition, Mighty Atlas vs Great Moto

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0120
Run Time
0h 25m 20s
Date Produced
An episode of a syndicated wrestling show shot at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. Shot live on film with three-camera coverage, it features a witty and entertaining narration from announcer Russ Davis. It starts with a feat of strength where the Mighty Atlas breaks a rope with his back. The match between the Mighty Atlas - “the Peacock of the Ring” - and the Great Moto, a stereotyped caricature of the Japanese, ends in a no fall and a no decision.
00:02 MS Mighty Atlas in ring performing feat of strength, with belt around waist tied by a rope to the ground he breaks the rope with the strength of his back, 01:57-01:58 yellow leader, MS Great Moto in corner of ring waiting for match to start, CU ring announcer, CU Moto’s feet, MS wrestlers meet in middle of ring 04:45 Match starts, Moto performing ritual, Atlas waistlock on Moto on ropes, headlock on Atlas, CU double wristlock on Atlas, MS Atlas breaks the hold, men exchange holds on the mat, CU Moto runs out of ring to escape Atlas, Moto takes down Atlas, MS ref breaks up hold over Moto’s hair pulling, Atlas throws Moto across the ring, CU Moto on his knees pleading not to be hit, 09:20 MS Atlas throws Moto across ring repeatedly, Atlas pins Moto to the corner, Moto Chinlock and punch to Atlas, CU Atlas blocks Moto’s punch, MS Atlas throwing and flipping Moto, CU Moto pleading not to be hit, MS Moto kneelock on Atlas, Atlas slapping Moto, Moto chinlock into hold on Atlas 14:28 Ref breaks hold, CU Moto punching Atals, MS Ref yelling at Moto, CU Moto illegal hold on Atlas, MS jawlock on Atlas, Atlas double kneelift into Moto’s face, CU Atlas punches Moto, MS hammerlock on Moto, Davis admonishing the cameraman for not getting the action in the shot, 19:20 CU Ref asking Moto if he wants to give up, MS Moto inching to ropes, CU men exchanging punches, MS Atlas bodyslam on Moto, CU full nelson on Atlas, MS double knuckle lock on Atlas, Atlas takedown on Moto, Moto trying to break hold, side mare on Atlas into takedown, Atlas sleeper hold on Moto but broken at ropes 24:45 bell rings, match over with no fall and no decision, out 25:12
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
National Wrestling Alliance (corporate name)
Imperial World Films (is production company)
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Additional Credit
Byrnes, Bobby (is announcer)
Davis, Sylvia H. (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Mighty Atlas (is performer)
Moto, Great (is performer)
Callis, Leo (is participant)
Davis, Russell (is commentator)
Byrnes, Bobby (is announcer)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)