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[Wrestling TV show]: Don Beitelman vs Dick Hatcher

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0052
Run Time
0h 27m 47s
Date Produced
An episode of a syndicated wrestling show shot at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. Shot live on film with three-camera coverage, it features a witty and entertaining narration from announcer Russ Davis. The two wrestlers, both in their first time at the International Amphitheatre, are almost totally evenly matched making for a drawn out match without a lot of flair focusing on holds and not theatrics. Beitelman finally prevails with a shoulder stand hold on Hatcher.
00:01 MS Ring announcer introducing wrestlers, 00:35 Davis begins speaking over wrestlers meeting in middle of ring before match, 01:31 match begins, Beitelman flipped to mat, armlock on Beitelman, CU toehold on Beitelman, MS armlock on Hatcher, 4:50 headscissors on Beitelman, CU Beitelman twists out of hold, MS fullnelson on Hatcher, CU toehold on Beitelman, men gt tangled up in competing holds, MS hammerlock on Beitelman, 9:45 toehold on Hatcher, kangaroo kick on Beitelman, headlock on Hatcher, CU toehold on Beitelman, bodyscissors on Hatcher, 15:20 toehold on Beitelman, bodyslam and armlock on Beitelman, armlock on Hatcher, headlock on Beitelman, MS bodyslams on Beitelman, 19:50 bodypress on Hatcher, CU grapevine hold on Hatcher, MS men tangled up in mat, kick to Beitelmans chin, wristlock on Beitelman, 24:45 headlock on Beitelman, CU headscissors on Beitelman, headlock Beitelman, MS shoulder stand on Hatcher, Beitelman wins match at 26:36, 27:17 brief yellow leader back to end of match, out at 27:39
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
Imperial World Films (is production company)
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Beitelman, Don (is performer)
Hatcher, Dick (is performer)
Davis, Russell (is commentator)
Chisnick, Stan (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)