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[Wrestling TV show]: Bob Orton vs Hans Schmidt

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Film Identifier: F.2008-04-0036
Run Time
0h 23m 37s
Date Produced
circa 1957
An episode of a syndicated wrestling show shot at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. Shot live on film with three-camera coverage, it features a witty and entertaining narration from announcer Russ Davis. The two wrestlers both fight rough and are disliked by the crowd, though Schmidt is hated more. Schmidt defeats Orton (aka “Cowboy” Bob Orton) with a bodypress. The match starts out very exciting, but ends rather anti-climatically.
00:09 CU ring announcer, MS wrestlers in their corner, huge boos for Schmidt, 00:40 Davis starts talking over wrestlers meeting before the match, 01:11 match begins with Schmidt throwing Orton around ring and pinning him to win first fall at 01:45, Davis on the way that both wrestlers are disliked by the crowd “the same way a cat dislikes a Saturday night bath”, second round begins at 03:35 Orton begins punching Schmidt and knocks him out of the ring, 04:50 waistlock and full nelson on Schmidt, armlock on Orton, leglock on Schmidt, bodyscissors on Orton, chinlock on Orton, dropkick on Schmidt, armlock and headscissors on Orton 9:50 CU Schmidt pounding on Orton’s back, MS men exchange holds and punches, wristlock on Orton, flying head scissors on Schmidt, CU men on mat in various holds, MS double nelson on Orton, 14:55 leglock on Schmidt, headlock on Schmidt, flying mare on Orton, CU men punching each other in the heads into piledriver on Schmidt, Orton wins second fall at 18:02, MS men resting before third round, 20:15 third round begins, CU bodypress on Orton, headlock on Schmidt, wristlock on Orton, kneelift on Orton, Schmidt wins third fall at 22:28 with a bodypress, crowd boos, out 23:19
Imperial World Films
Main Credit
Imperial World Films (is production company)
Davis, Sylvia H. (is producer)
Davis, Russell (is director)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Schmidt, Hans (is performer)
Orton, Bob (is performer)
Davis, Russell (is commentator)
Nicholas, Fred (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)