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Mountain Safari (Part 1)

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Film Identifier: F.2007-08-0026
Run Time
0h 42m 47s
Date Produced
2 part edited travelogue following a Mountain Safari bicycling crew as they go from the Tetons to Canada. Includes mountainous scenery, Yellowstone Park and footage of animals and flowers. The scenery is interspersed with beautiful footage of the cyclists as they travel in a line, as well as some silly scenes as they relax and play. Includes a corresponding 90 minute cassette tape, whose sides correspond with the first and second reels of the travelogue. This audio tape has not been digitized yet.
REEL 2/2: 00:28 - Title card: Mountain Safari. Footage from the Tetons. Var. quick ES; man on motorbike, a “Wandering Wheels” truck pulls away. At the Chapel of the Transfiguration there is a noteworthy shot of a cross and a priest lighting candles. Var. views of the mountain range and lake, frequent TS, PAN or ZOOM. Var. shots of flowers, people fishing by a dam and animals such as swans, moose, and a beaver. Chipmunk exploits. Boats and skiing on a large lake. PAN at sunset. 05:12 - In Yellowstone, with ES of the sign. Steaming pools of water. Bears and cubs next to the road interacting with cars, people in a field with a buck and var. shots of deer. A rainbow in three views. Old Faithful erupting with ZOOM OUT and IN. Var. bubbling and boiling pools in CU and LS. Var. views of the landscape in ELS and LS, with a focus on large waterfalls, and steam erupting from the ground. 09:39 - Var. scenes as the cyclists travel. Signs indicate that they pass through Dunraven Pass and stop at Tower Fall. Man pretends to throw his bike away. TS from behind cyclists. Footage of tourists. ELS of Tower Falls. TS of trees, CU of var. flowers. Cyclists among a hot spring, with CU on parts of the spring. 11:32 - Glacier, Montana. At Kings Hill Summit cyclists pass through a small town and investigate dilapidated buildings. Cyclists in a line travelling along roads in var. views. Cyclists relaxing and playing: splashing in a stream, in a waterfall, throwing snowballs. Interspersed with ELS of snow capped mountain scenery. 15:39 - Scenes in snow: a snowblower in CU, people sliding down a hill covered in snow and playing with a dog. Camera follows a solitary hiker on Highline Trail and captures the scenery of flowers, waterfalls and mountains. Cyclists travel in a line on a mountain road, camera tracks from behind or ahead. ELS HA of a ravine with ZOOM OUT. Deer in a stream. Cyclists resting on a slope. 19:30-22:49 - Var. unconnected scenes; a small sailboat on water, cyclists jumping into a stream from a cliff and riding their bikes off a pier. On an empty road the group plays relay races and other games in MLS. Bikers as they ride through a resort area, includes a HA, ELS. They arrive in Canada and unfurl a Canadian flag outside the Customs office, throwing their helmets in the air.
Main Credits
Gromer, Julian (is filmmaker)
Additional Credits
Davenport, Bob (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Gromer, Julian (is participant)
Related Place
Wyoming (production location of)