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John & Gary Gromer Home Movies 1966-1972

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Film Identifier: F.2007-08-0020
Run Time
0h 44m 43s
Date Produced
circa 1966
The second of two-reels by Julian Gromer about his two son’s John and Gary from 1948 through 1972. The film shows John and Gary as teenagers visting various sites around the United States, including Wyoming's Devils Tower and South Dakota's Bad Lands. Later segments appear to be outtakes from the Wandering Wheels films, which shows the two boys as they cycle across the country.
00:00 - LS mountain climbers, TILT UP and VS rock formations, VS hikers climbing through Grand Canyon 01:28 - MLS helicopter taking off from, then landing on platform, AERIAL Grand Canyon 02:12 - MLS car driving on desolate road, VS men using parts of their car to demonstrate survival tactics while stranded in the desert, MLS helicopter lands after seeing their signal, then goes for help, MS truck arrives with gas and water 06:44 - MLS camera trick making car appear and disappear, camera follows man on unicycle riding in driveways of suburban houses, grandma tries to ride it too 09:01 - MS boys playing pool in small room, MLS car pulling boat in desert, VS two men setting up sails on small sail boat, MS sails, TS ice-capped mountain landscapes, campsites on shore, LS sunset 13:17 - MS woman in lifejacket and helmet on boat, MS boys skipping rocks on river, MS man rowing raft, people unloading gear from raft, MLS people holding hands going under waterfall, MS man flexing muscles, making faces for camera 14:29 - LS rock climbers scaling rocky mountainside, ZOOM IN rock arch, MLS men looking at rapids, grab fishing / camping gear from car, MS hiking through woods, checking map, applying bug spray, CU preparing food, MLS fishing in river 16:48 - LS river, PAN river mountain landscape, MS geyser, CU man filming wearing gas mask, LS man walking around hot spring, MLS man watching steam eruption 18:16 - TS RA bike race along boat docks, HA MLS man taking photo of a grape farmer on a ladder, PAN bails of hay in mountain field, MS man taking picture of house, ELS bike race on mountain road, FA MS bike race, CU-MS SA TS men riding bikes in country and desert 20:13 -
Additional Credits
Gromer, Julian (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Gromer, John (is actor)
Gromer, Gary (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)