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African Life

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Film Identifier: F.2007-08-0025
Run Time
0h 40m 17s
Date Produced
Details a journey from New York to Lagos and beyond the interior of Nigeria. Footage includes shots of daily traditional life in the village and concludes with a battle scene between two tribes brandishing spears and bows and arrows.
00:00 - map of plane routing trip from New York to Lagos in Africa, MLS airplane at airport, MS men climb ladder carrying buckets onto plane wing, MS man plays very long horn, LS RA people on shore w/ palm trees watch ocean liner, PAN water to busy street in Lagos, riding bikes, MS people carrying goods on their heads, man directing traffic, MLS people collecting water at public pump 03:03 - HA LS group of canoes in water, MLS fishermen throw nets into water 03:41 - LS PAN village of huts, yellow sand, palm trees, MS men digging up ground, stacks of bricks in background, MS man puts clay into brick molds, lays bricks out to dry 04:43 - MLS, MS group of people roll log from lumber pond up shore
Additional Credit
Gromer, Julian (is contributor)
Gromer, Julian (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Gromer, Julian (is participant)
Related Place
Nigeria (production location of)