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World Parade: Rome The Eternal City, The

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0095
Run Time
0h 11m 7s
Date Produced
A Castle Films “World Parade” film. Narrated tour of the architecture and monuments of Rome, juxtaposed with modern developments. Covers subjects as diverse as the Colosseum and traffic guards in order to convey the idea that Rome is still as grand as it once was.
00:00 - Titles.Var. aerial views of Rome centering on the capital of ancient Rome and the Tiber. 00:40 - LS of the Castel Sant’Angelo with the river in the foreground as the narrator gives a brief history of the structure. Switches to a FA, looking up a lane lined with statues. 00:56 - Brief LS of the Piazza Colonna with the Column of Marcus Aurelius as traffic passes. Narrator speaks about how the ancient relics are part of the modern day. 01:02 - Var. MS and LS of a traffic cop working in a busy intersection. The narrator compares his power to that of Ceasar. FA, LS of Trinita dei Monti from across the street.Var. MS of outdoor flower and fruit stands as people shop. Var. landmarks located on Capitoline Hill. TILT DOWN the Palazo Senatorio, CU of statue of Marcus Aurelius, PAN across landscape with columns in ruins. 02:06 - View of var. landmarks as narration touches upon them. Includes the Forum Romanum in LS, the Colosseum, and the Arch of Constantine in LS and CU. Narration focuses on the Colosseum in the past and today. Var. views outside, the Colosseum taking up most of the frame. Also includes brief footage of a large religious gathering inside in LS and MS, the crowd filling the Colosseum floor. 03:00 - TILT DOWN Arch of Titus as narrator changes the subject to the modern day. Var. view of a modern forum. PAN of the forum, CU of statues, interesting LS of sychronized athletic drills on a vast lawn. 03:52 - Narration gives an overview of the Basilica of Saint Peter. Includes aerial views with the camera rotating, CU on statues, var. interior shots, and MS of the columns and statues lining the Piazza. Also covers modern ceremonies with a line of armored guards marching past the camera and various LS and CU of a Palm Sunday crowd. 05:31 - Var. LS of the facades of the Basilica of St. John Lateran and Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. 06:05 - Narrator again touches upon the harmony of ancient and modern Rome as various landmarks are covered. View down the street framing the Piazza del Popolo, followed by var. views inside the Piazza. A vendor selling sweets from a cart pulled by a donkey. Var. CU and MS of the Trevi Fountain. Brief shots of miscellaneous smaller landmarks. 07:26 - Narration addresses the roads and boulevards that wind through the city. LS of the Piazza della Republica with var. CU of the Fountain of the Naiads. TS down two streets. PAN of large outdoor cafe filled with people. A cable car runs down the street. 08:19-08:48 - Landmarks at night, ending on The Basilica of Saint Peter outlined in lights. The End- Castle Films- United World Films Inc.
Castle Films, inc.
Additional Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is contributor)
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Rome (production location of)