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Bird Footage

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0094
Run Time
0h 26m 40s
Raw footage of various birds in a few different environments. Includes Purple Martins feeding their young and Canada Geese in flight.
00:00 - MCU of a small solitary bird in a grassy area; Out of focus MCU unidentified sparrow-like bird in a tree. 01:28 - Ducks in a pond in MCU. Camera PAN to follow one. There is grass out of focus in the foreground that obstructs part of the shot. 02:54 - Duck standing at the edge of the water; Var. views in MS and MCU of a multi-level birdhouse against blue sky as purple martins fly in and out of frame feeding their young. 06:49 - MCU of a purple martin perched on a branch with a background of golden wild grass; LS of birdhouse; MCU of the perched purple martin followed by a CU. 09:18 - CU of a birdhouse opening as two young martins wait for food. The mother flies in an out of frame to feed them. 10:08 - LA CU of a martin on what appears to be telephone lines; same CU of the martin feeding her young. At one point she brings a whole large bug, its wings visible. 11:18 - CU of an immobile toad; LA of a bird in flight, in and out of frame; LS of a red-winger blackbird perched above tall green grass; Same MCU of a solitary bird from earlier; ELS of a low lying wetland area. ZOOM IN and PAN to see the water dotted with Canada geese. 14:04 - Var. geese in flight, varying from a more MS to an ELS. Camera PANS smoothly to follow. Includes whole V formations. 16:17 - LS and MS of wetland as geese mill around in the water; MLS of geese in flight followed by a smooth PAN following solitary bird, details visible; TILT DOWN to follow three geese as they land in the water. Landscape is yellow grass with bare trees lining the background. 18:30 - VS geese in flight ranging from individual birds in MLS to large formations in ELS. 22:14 - MLS of the edge of the water as geese swim and sun; LS with slow PAN as a large group of geese swim with their goslings. 23:06-23:51 - Geese flying in V formation. Camera follows as the formation breaks apart and re-forms.
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