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Music Album: Sweet Syncopation, The

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0088
Run Time
0h 8m 20s
Date Produced
A Castle Films Music Album. Three musical vignettes featuring a lead female singer accompanied by actors as they play out the actions of the song. The songs featured are “Little Dutch Mill” (performed by Mary Gilbert & Hal Borne Orchestra), “At a Little Roadside Rest” (performed by Marlyn Stuart), and “Stormy Weather” (performed by Sugar Kane).
00:00 - Fade in to a book with titles: Castle Film Presents The Music Album. 00:06 - Dissolve to titles: Sweet Syncopation- “Little Dutch Mill” as song begins. 00:12 - VS with the first verse. CU of the singer in an exxagerated Dutch-style hat. MLS of girls dressed as Dutch boys and girls at a well on a set, gathering water and promenading. CU of singer followed by four pairs of girls in windows making the “hush” sign and pointing to the window shutters where there are cut-outs of windmills. LS revealing that all the girls are at windows right next to each other. 00:47 - Musical interlude of four pairs of girls dancing by a windmill against a backdrop of more windmills. Cuts back and forth between LS and MS. 01:29 - VS with second verse. The singer (in hat and lacy lingerie) sings to the camera as the rest of the cast assembles a small house behind her in MS. Intercut with CU of the singer. When the verse finishes she dances as the girls throw flowers on the ground in LS. 02:23 - CU of small house with two dolls outside the door. ZOOM OUT to LS of the singer kneeling next to the house surrounded by the others. She sings one more line and they all smile and pose. Fade out. 02:48 - Title: “At a Little Roadside Rest” as the song begins. 02:57 - VS with the first verse. Three women walk their bikes in MS, sit together in MS, CU of singer as she addresses the camera. 04:08 - VS with the second verse. Woman in MLS walks to a table at an outdoor cafe where she meets a man and sits down, camera PAN to follow. PAN to follow as they walk and he shows her a map. 05:07 - Verse repeats. MCU of woman sitting with the man on a porch. ZOOM OUT to reveal a baby carriage next to them. They smile adoringly at the baby then look to the camera. Fade out. 05:32 - Title: “Stormy Weather” as the song begins. 05:42 - Forlorn woman in a raincoat sings to the camera as she stands outside a shop selling umbrellas. Cut from MS, to MCU to CU then ZOOM OUT to LS. There is a man on the other side of the shop waiting for someone. ZOOM IN to MS again. 06:55 - Montage over musical interlude. LS of people walking past a city backdrop with umbrellas, lightning flashes in a dark sky, couples meeting and walking off together, CU of singer looking around hopefully. 07:32 - MS of singer repeating the verse. ZOOM OUT to LS as man on the other side walks away after checking his watch. ZOOM IN as woman finishes her song. 08:15-08:18 - Titles: The End-Castle Films as music comes to a close.
Castle Films, inc.
Main Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is production company)
Additional Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Hal Borne Orchestra (is performing group)
Gilbert, Mark (is performer)
Kane, Sugar (is performer)
Related Place
United States (production location of)