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Quiz Show: Movies Greatest Headlines

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0087
Run Time
0h 8m 20s
Date Produced
A Castle Films Quiz show about history, accompanied by footage of world events including the Hindenburg, FDR’s funeral, Pearl Harbor, Mussolini’s downfall, and the first underwater nuclear explosion.
00:00 - Titles. Montage as narrator explains the game. Includes the Pope, the pyramids, Capital Hill, FDR. VS of the Hindenberg disaster. LS aeriel views, MS of spectators, CU and MS as it falls in flames. 01:21 - VS of the meeting where Churchill and FDR signed the Atlantic Charter. MS of the world leaders sitting together on deck, LS and MS of battleships, MS of the crew in uniform on deck. 02:16 - VS of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Planes taking off from a Japanese ship, CU of Japanese soldiers, LS of the harbor after it was bombed. 03:08 - VS of FDR’s funeral. Numerous CU of the crowds mourning, LS of the funeral procession, MS of a flag being laid on the casket, rifles firing a salute, CU of flowers by the grave. 04:07 - VS of the relay race at the first post-war Olympic games. CU of Olympic flag, LS of the runners on the track, MS and LS of crowd reactions in the stands. Freeze frame on a disputed pass, which ultimately declared the United States the winner. 05:08 - VS of White House interiors followed by VS in MS and CU of Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman. 06:07 - VS of Galloping Gertie. LS and MS of the suspension bridge as it twists and falls into the river. 06:54 - VS of Mussolini and the crowds. LS and MS of huge crowds gathered, LS of the execution, CU of bodies in the street and MS of bodies hanging from scafflods. 07:48-08:39 - VS of people in CU waiting for the first underwater nuclear explosion intercut CU of a clock ticking down. ELS of the explosion from shore and from above, water shooting into the sky.
Castle Films, inc.
Main Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is production company)
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United States (production location of)
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