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Secrets of Nature

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0086
Run Time
0h 5m 33s
Date Produced
A film that celebrates the work of John Ott while documenting the different uses of stop-motion photography- from cancer research to the effects of fertilizer on bean sprouts. Part of the Nature's Wonderland series.
00:08 - Titles: Nature’s Wonderland, presenting the wondrous Secrets of Nature- followed by a title card explaining that the News Magazine reviews the work of John Ott. Var. LS and MS following John Ott in his garden and greenhouse as narrator explains how he uses time-lapse photography. Documents Ott’s set-up of floodlights, cameras and flowers in CU and MS as well as Ott at work, intercut with var. flowers blooming in CU. 02:12 - Narrator moves to other uses of stop-motion photography. Var. CU and MS of scientist and microscope. ECU of stop-motion cell division under a miscroscope. 02:51 - Var. ECU of hybrid corn and pollen under a microscope. The stop-motion movement of protoplasm may help in studying hay fever. 03:21 - CU of two sets of four bean seeds sprouting. The roots grow into the soil and the plant breaks the surface to reveal the effects of fertilizer on one set versus the other. 03:48-5:20 - MS of John Ott at a camera in his greenhouse followed by a sequence of flowers blooming in CU. The narrator gives a brief background on the flowers as they appear. Includes the Rhodedendron, Hibiscus, Camellia, a night blooming Cereus, and finally the Amaryllis.
Actors, Performers and Participants
Ott, John Nash Jr. (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)