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No More West

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0073
Run Time
0h 19m 27s
Date Produced
Bert Lahr stars as a naive man playing cowboy in this short comedy film. After foiling a robbery in New York, he finally makes his way West and becomes Sherriff. When he runs into the same robbers they trick him into taking the fall for them. Tables turn in the courtroom, and he becomes a hero like those in the books.
00:00 - Titles: Official Films Presents - No More West with Bert Lahr. 00:13 - A man, who calls himself Gunpowder Bert, is practicing in a shooting gallery where he works, missing repeatedly. His angry wife finds him and demands he return to a better paying job. He refuses, expressing the romance of the west in song. CU and MS. 03:10 - LS on booth, as two bank robbers pretend to be customers. When he realizes who they are he turns them in, fooling them with a wooden gun. CU on targets, MS and CU of actors. 05:17 - The bank robbers and Bert arrive in Poison Gulch, unbeknownst to each other. Follows Bert as he causes trouble in the western town as he plays at being cowboy in modern times- shooting his reflection, encountering a child playing Indian and lassoing a man. His antics somehow get him appointed as the new Sheriff. Many humorous moments and wordplay. 09:25 - Strange noises awaken Bert and he investigates, finding the robbers in the bank. They fool him into being their accomplice, promising that he will end up a hero. MS and CU inside the dim bank. 12:56 - Scene in the courtroom. Bert is on trial and one of the robbers pretends to be his lawyer, setting him up for a bigger fall. Much comedic back and forth, with many CU on Bert’s overly dramatic reaction shots. 16:31 - Bert smashes a statue where the robbers had hidden the money. He is taken hostage in the next room. Cut back and forth between the courtroom and Bert fooling the robber into wasting his bullets. He emerges a hero to the admiring crowd. 18:29-19:00 - His wife calls from their home back in New York. He won’t come home and she yanks the cord, dragging him through the courtroom wall on the other end. Fade out.
Official Films (firm)
Main Credit
Grinde, Nick (is director)
Van Beuren Studios (is production company)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Lahr, Bert (is actor)
Grapewin, Charles (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)