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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0072
Run Time
0h 9m 10s
Date Produced
An animated film about a man who gets caught up in his imagination while reading a book. His reveries are interrupted by his wife who continually enters the room and begins cleaning, revealing the ordinary surroundings of his home. When a fly enters the room it causes disagreement between husband and wife, ending in an unfotunate demise.
00:01 - Title. Produced by Zagreb Films SCF. The title cards that follow are intercut with var. animated scenes of animals (elephant, snake, shark and bat) coming towards the camera, smelling something and falling over. 01:08 - A man in an armchair is reading a book. He is floating in water, signified by the waves immediately around the chair. Lightning crashes in the background and wind blows as the chair spins. 01:52 - The scene fades around him until he is in empty space. A woman enters with a rag and cleans as eerie music plays. As she cleans objects appear. She vaccums and rugs appear. She winds up a cupid statue and smiles as a melody plays. When she leaves the man returns to his book. 02:50 - The scene fades again as the chair begins zooming about the frame, animated stars fly wildly and occasionally an astronaut floats by in CU. 03:51 - When the chair lands everything fades away to emptiness and the cleaning scene is repeated exactly as before, eerie music playing. 04:31 - The scene fade and this time the chair is on an ice floe passing by polar bears and penguins with icebergs in the background. For no apparent reason there is the sound of hoofbeats. 05:06 - The cleaning scene repeats only this time it ends with the woman kissing the man and leaving holding a basket. 05:43 - In this reverie the armchair is atop a mountain in a nest as two eagles circle. Clouds pass. ZOOM IN. 06:06 - The man is in an empty room. A fly buzzes around the room. He begins to play with the fly, whistling. When the fly mimics his sounds he laughs. 06:59 - The eerie music starts again and he goes back to reading. His wife enters the empty scene and he shows her his fly. She grows alarmed and kills it with bug spray. This angers the man and he throws a fit, pounding the ground and changing into various creatures to try to scare her. When he turns into a giant fly she sprays him with bug spray. He falls over and she drags him out of the room. 09:04-09:36 - The cleaning scene is repeated. ZOOM IN on the woman and her cupid music box as she smiles. FADE OUT.
Main Credit
Zagreb Films SCF (is production company)
Zaninovic, Ante (is director)
Zaninovic, Ante (is animator)
Additional Credit
Zagreb Films SCF (is contributor)
Zaninovic, Ante (is contributor)
Related Place
Europe (production location of)