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See Yourself As Others See You

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Run Time
0h 4m 7s
Date Produced
Short, silent advertisement for the QRS Company's combination camera and projector. The Chicago-based company sold the 16mm equipment for $98.50, using "see yourself as others see you" as a tagline to drum up interest in using their camera-projectors for shooting and exhibiting home movies in domestic spaces.
A woman carries a QRS projector into a small family gathering. An intertitle indicates that she says "Let's 'see yourself as others see you'." The group gathers in front of a screen, then there is a close up of the woman's hands threading 16mm film in the projector. The lights dim and the group watches a home movie featuring a snowball fight and a child's birthday party.

After the film ends an older man demands, "Show us the camera, too." The woman from before shows that by detaching the lamphouse and electric motor, the projector becomes a camera. She indicates that her family chose the QRS model because "you get a better price because it's Two Machines in One."

The family sits down to watch one more home movie, this time of a building being constructed. A young girl flips through a photo album, and a woman tells her "These are out-of-date – it's so much more fun to make your pictures come to life."

An intertitle declares "We can always count on QRS Quality" because "it's been in their Music Rolls for over 25 years." The film ends with a list of the machine's features.
Main Credits
QRS Company, The (corporate name)