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Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe - Episode #4, Pix + Trk Workprint

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Run Time
0h 10m 23s
Date Produced
Workprint for episode 4 of the 1952 season of The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe, a fifteen minute children's TV show in which whimsical stories are told based on the activities of charming Uncle Mistletoe, a winged denizen of the North Pole who serves as Santa Claus' assistant.
Picking up where episode 3 left off, Private Pepper approaches Olio, Molio, and Uncle Mistletoe with a cannon and asks them to surrender Polly Doll. Uncle Mistletoe tells him that Polly Doll is not his prisoner; when Polly Doll arrives, she tries to convince Private Pepper that Uncle Mistletoe is their friend, not their enemy.

In a flashback, Private Pepper tells Uncle Mistletoe the story of how he and Polly Doll came to distrust him. First he explains how they met: Private Pepper was left behind by his regiment of tin soldiers after he fell asleep while keeping guard, and Polly Doll was abandoned by the 8 year old girl she belonged to. They decided to stick together, and get help from a squirrel when they get lost in the forest. The squirrel tells them that Uncle Mistletoe can help them, but they need to be careful not to pass through the Valley of the Rumorous Dragon on their way to him. Private Pepper ignores the warning and the duo head straight through the valley; once there, they start hearing voices that tell them to "beware of him" – which they assume to mean Uncle Mistletoe. Uncle Mistletoe laughs off the misunderstanding, and tells them he would like to help them find their way.
Main Credit
Marshall Field & Company (corporate name)
Kling Studios (is production company)
Niles, Fred A. (is producer)
Morgan, Edwin T. (is director)
Additional Credit
Bennett, Bill (music)
Savitt, David (camera)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Weber, Bill (is actor)
Percy, Pat (is actor)
Roessler, Elmira (is actor)
Peeples, Cornelius J. (is actor)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)