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1940: Florida

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Film Identifier: F.2007-04-0005
Run Time
0h 18m 31s
Date Produced
Home movie of a trip to Florida. The couple visits old buildings, a monkey reserve, and go fishing.
MS Tourists at garden with a fountain / LS Tourist in park / CU Flowers / LS Women in bathing suits at beach / CU Monkeys in cage / MS Monkey sitting on sign which reads “Squirrels Monkeys” / LS Buildings and hotels on beach shot from high vantage point / CU Sea turtles in pond / MS 3 sea turtles on their back on a pier - a man in a suit kicks at them making them wobble / LS People on beach / MS Woman (Mrs. Gasul?) drinking from a cup next to a well or fountain / MS Man in glasses with camera around his neck (Mr. Gasul?) drinking from same well / MS Other tourists drinking from same well / MS People riding in horse carriage / LS Garden with trees with kudzu / CU Blonde woman in pretty dress holding flowers / LS Riverbed shot from moving boat / CU Man (Mr. Gasul?) catching fish from boat, he holds it up to camera / CU 2 men holding up fish / CU Another man holding up a fish / LS People walking in park / LS Pan up cathedral tower / LS People in park / LS Pan up cathedral tower / LS park with pond
Main Credits
Gasul, Benjamin M. (Benjamin Morris) (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Florida (production location of)