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Sword of Lancelot

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0019
Run Time
0h 16m 40s
Date Produced
Cornel Wilde’s dramatic medieval tale, starring himself as Sir Lancelot, Jean Wallace as Guinevere, and Brian Aherne as King Arthur, tells the classic story of Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table. A joust fought to the death between Sir Lancelot and Sir Dorjak will ultimately decide if King Arthur is to take Guinevere’s hand in marriage, naming him King of all Britain. Characters act in costume of medieval times.
00:00 - title credits over still photography, dramatic score plays 01:43 - CU grass, ZOOM OUT pan across serene countryside, shepherd tending sheep, knights on horses burst into the scene, knight points to castle in far distance, shouts “Camelot!” RA, SA riding towards castle, interior fort, people working FA knights ride through gate, dismount, they are escorted into the castle 03:04 - MS King Arthur enters room as trumpets play, takes center seat with Knights of the Round Table, introduce the handsome and heroic Sir Lancelot 05:22 - King announces that he has asked a neighboring King Leodegran for his daughter Guinevere’s hand in marriage to unite kingdoms, they break bread with King Leodegran’s messenger Sir Tors to arrange a battle for the throne 07:13 - MLS FA Sir Lancelot stands at table reading scroll aloud, King Leodegran challenges trial by combat with his knight Sir Dorjak against King Arthur’s chosen knight to decide the fate of who will take the throne of England and his daughter’s hand in marriage, King Arthur asks Sir Lancelot to rise as his champion 08:54 - day of the duel at the battle ground, knights riding on white horses past tents, we hear muffled prayer, shadow on back wall behind sword of priest praying over knight Sir Lancelot, Lancelot and Tors prepare horse, talk in preparation, Tors wishes him luck 10:17 - MS flagged trumpets to announce beginning of joust, MCU Sir Lancelot and Sir Dorjak ride horses to center of field, knights bow heads to king and queen, King Leodogran and Lady Guinevere on thrones bow their heads 11:00 - man reads from scroll announcing the details of the challenge, knights fight to the death to decide who takes the thrown, CU weapons announced are laid on display lance, sword, battle ax, and mace, King warns Sir Dorjak, warns they have much at stake 12:11 - trumpets blast, LS front angle knights ride horses ride across field towards camera, Sir Lancelot and Sir Tors wishing luck, Tors places helmet on Lancelot’s head, shake hands 12:39 - Dramatic joust between Sir Lancelot and Dorjak, shots build with intensity. Var action, medieval trumpeters, Sir Lancelot is in full armor with joust. RA Sir Lancelot charges, Dorjak charges towards him in distance. Var (CU MS, LS) knights joust, colliding, and charging each other, Lancelot thrown from horse. 14:20-16:23 - Intense battle back and forth, Lancelot is the victor, LS as he walks off field and kneels before the king, announcer says “Long live King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere, rulers of all Britain!” Film abruptly ends here.
Main Credit
Pitcher, George (is producer)
Cornel, Wildem (is director)
Additional Credit
Cornel, Wildem (is contributor)
Pitcher, George (is contributor)
Universal Pictures Company (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Wilde, Cornel (is actor)
Wallace, Jean (is actor)
Aherne, Brian (is actor)
Baker, George (is actor)
Duncan, Archie (is actor)
Corri, Adrienne (is actor)
Dignam, Mark (is actor)
Beckwith, Reginald (is actor)
Barrie, John (is actor)
Thorp, Richard (is actor)
Tomelty, Joseph (is actor)
Stark, Graham (is actor)
Dunn, Geoffrey (is actor)
Gotell, Walter (is actor)
Prowse, Peter (is actor)
Rhodes, Christopher (is actor)
Waxman, Harry (is participant)
Wilson, Frederick (is participant)
Schayer, Richard (is participant)
Pascal, Jefferson (is participant)
Orton, David W. (is participant)
Goodwin, Ron (is participant)
Thompson, Robert (is participant)
Karsh (is participant)
Related Place
United States (production location of)