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World Parade: Hawaii

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0011
Run Time
0h 9m 37s
Date Produced
A Castle Films “World Parade” film. Highlights tourist attractions of visiting the Hawaiian Islands by way of cruise. The narrator guides the viewer through historical landmarks, like Aloha Tower, `Iolani Palace, and the Courthouse. He introduces the living royalty, Duke Kahanamoku, and shows shrines of leaders of the past, like the statue of King Kamehameha. The film shows native traditions like greeting visitors with leis, Hula dancing, and song, and features the favorite past times of surfing, swimming and canoeing on the shores of Waikiki Beach. Natural features of the tropical island getaway, such as the volcanoes Diamond Head and Kilauea and local plants and trees found abundantly on the island, are highlighted and ever-present in the background of island activities. Hawaii is seen as a place to relax and escape, leaving the rest of the world far away to indulge in the natural beauty that is Hawaii.
00:17 - LS cruise ship in distance from beach with palm trees, island POV people waving as cruise ship is nearing Hawaii, MLS Hula dancers, MS Hawaiians greeting tourists with leis, woman draping each other with leis, kiss, MS mother and children in leis kiss 01:00 - MS couple sit on mountaintop overlooking city, PAN RIGHT Hawaiian cityscape, MLS PAN RIGHT cityscape, mountains in background 01:34 - features symbols of traditional and modern history with buildings, statues, and living royalty, LS Aloha Tower, MLS, LS `Iolani Palace, MLS Courthouse, MLS, MS statue of King Kamehameha, MCU Duke Kahanamoku, "island ambassador of good will" waving to camera 02:18 - narrator talks of local flora, MS woman smelling large bouquet arrangement of flowers with rare perfume scents, aerial tops of palm trees, MS native boy, MLS boy climbing to top of coconut trees, MS boy holding bundle of coconuts for camera 03:09 - narrator says islands are volcanic formations, MS man and woman atop a mountain pointing to a desolate landscape, PAN RIGHT to active volcanic crater, MLS center of Kilauea, the world's largest active volcano, Var CU boiling lava 03:54 - narrator says Hula dancers are spirit of the islands, MS SA line of Hula dancers, FA dancers on knees, women in Hawaiian traditional dress playing instruments in a line behind them, MCU Hula dancer, PAN crowd of children, Var shots dancers standing performing the Hula 04:43 - HA LS Waikiki Beach filled with people, beach POV ocean, LS Diamond Head volcanic cone in distance, HA beach 05:04 - narrator says if you are brave, you might try surfing, camera follows man carrying surfboard past lounge chairs to water, TS group of surfers riding waves in, people rowing boats along with wave in near distance 05:37 - for the less daring, Outrigger native Hawaiian canoes are less likely to spill, Var MS, MLS people rowing out to see in four to five person canoes, LS, MS palm trees, MS Duke Kahanamoku rowing passengers to ride breakers onto the shore, TS gaining speed, all stand up to ride in waves, they all fall, camera follows line of surfers riding the wave in, Diamond Head in background 06:46 - aerial ocean filled with swimmers, PAN RIGHT to beach to people, MS tourists tanning, "becoming the color of native," narrator says the rest of the world seems so far away 07:00 - Var LS beach POV buildings, Diamond Head, docks in distance, sleepy ukulele plays 07:28 - upbeat music, cut to Var TS surfers skillfully riding waves two on one board, riding on shoulders, doing handstands 08:23 - everyone who visits is fascinated with lovely climate and tropical beauty, MLS umbrellas on beach, MLS dense palm trees, visitors say goodbye to tropical shores, LA cruise ship full of people waving goodbye, RA people on shore waving goodbye to cruise ship ahead of them 08:50-09:30 - Var MLS Hawaiian landscapes and shores, RA two women on cruise ship waving goodbye to Diamond Head, LS Diamond Head, LS dark silhouette palm trees with waves crashing, narrator says Natives can be heard singing song of fair well, Until We Meet Again, Aloha-Oe
Castle Films, inc.
Main Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is production company)
Additional Credits
Castle, Eugene W. (is editor)
Related Place
Hawaii (production location of)