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Cross Section

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0064
Run Time
0h 3m 37s
Date Produced
A short film that documents a Niles Township High School filmmaking class. Various scenes of students and teachers going through exercises and lessons about filmmaking. Includes animation exercises, learning to use a light meter, and acting.
00:08 - Blank screen with voice over of a conversation. Cut to CU of a skull and a boy working on it with clay. A voice asks “Is this your animated film?” Girls drawing on strips of film with markers in MCU and CU, camera unsteady with hand held motion. 00:41 - “Cross-section” title fades in over a CU of the film as a girl draws on it. Var. shots of students and teachers in a classroom and voice over of brief conversations. A girl takes notes in CU, LS of people standing by a projector viewing simple animation exercies. 01:57 - Film changes to sepia at this point. CU of var. faces. Var. shots of students and teachering using a light meter, ZOOM IN to a CU on meter. 02:32 - A female teacher arranges a leopard print backdrop fabric. Var. CU of students. MS of a boy draped in more fabric with a fake barbell in front of the backdrop. He and another student interact, goofing off. ZOOM IN and OUT of this scene. 03:12 - CU of a student. ZOOM OUT to a MLS as he flashes a light at the camera, grinning. Fade out to a title reading “Filmmaking in high school” and fade back to the previous scene as the student continues to flash the light, creating a strobe effect. 03:28-03:37 - Blank screen with title “A film by May Pietz 1973”.
Main Credits
Pietz, May (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Cohen, Gary (is participant)
Schoen, Warren (is participant)
Silver, Scott (is participant)
Related Place
Niles (production location of)