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Wolf Creek, OR: Wolf Creek Inn Gold Mining

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0060
Run Time
0h 11m 40s
Date Produced
Unedited footage covering two different views on how to find gold, creating an interesting dichotomy. An individual pans for gold at the edge of a calm river, and heavy duty vehicles tear up the earth to load a trommel and sluice operation.
00:00 - CU river, PAN to man at the edge of the river panning for gold. Out of focus until a ZOOM IN to a MLS of the man.. ZOOM IN on the pan to see sediment inside. 02:30 - CU of the gold flakes left in the pan, man sloshes the water around a little more and picks out rocks. 03:16 - Side view of the man in MLS as he talks to the camera while panning again. ZOOM IN to a CU of the pan. 05:22 - CU and MS of an excavator digging up rocks in a large barren area and dropping them into the chute of a machine. Good detail of the excavator bucket as it digs into the rocks. 07:38 - MS of a turning trommel connected to a sluice running with water. ZOOM IN on the sluice and PAN to view other parts of the machine in detail. ZOOM OUT to see the entire operation in MLS, including the excavator dropping more soil and rocks. 09:55 - Front loader next to the machine removing large rocks. PAN back to sluice and ZOOM OUT. 10:24 - CU of man’s arm as he removes sediment from the sluice and places it into a gold pan. 10:43 - MCU with a ZOOM IN on a man panning for gold in a metal tub of water. CU of the pan with gold nuggets inside. 11:11-11:18 - Brief shot of the man from the river in MS, holding gold flakes in the palm of his hand.
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Wolf Creek (production location of)