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Beatrice Foods Company

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0031
Run Time
0h 22m 52s
Date Produced
Sponsored film by Beatrice Foods showcasing companies thriving with the support of Beatrice. A representative from each company talks about their products, mission, and how Beatrice Foods supported them to explore and experiment with new marketing models and allowed them to focus on improving their weak areas of business. Features production and manufacturing scenes for food, building materials, and luggage, and montages of food being grown and harvested in fields. Most shots are quick cuts of production intermixed with a representative talking to the camera.
00:08 - moving car rear window POV, dust behind car, HA tractor in field harvesting crops, interior car passenger POV driver narrating, aerial TS view farmhouse and fields 00:36 - opening credits, Beatrice Foods Co. playing over shots of corn, hay bails, sunflowers, aerial TS of fields 01:23 - stylized montage of farmers drilling wells, bailing hay, aerials TS of fields, intercut with narrator in car and exterior aerial of car 01:12 - narrator visits Meadow Gold Dairy, representative talks about plant processes and technologies, quick cut montage of activities inside milk processing plant 04:39 - Savoy company in Venezuela, representative talks about plant processes and technologies, quick cut montage of activities inside candy processing plant, MS women on assembly lines 06:01 - Martha White manufacturer of baking needs, biscuits, cakes, pies, cornmeal, grits, representative Mark Richardson walks around plant talking about plant processes, technologies, marketing 07:04 - graphite manufacturer, Ben Miller discusses producing graphite, the material of the future, shows all the uses of their material in the following: 07:31 - aerial MLS 757 airliner in flight, shots of photographs of airliners 07:49 - LS space shuttle taking off 07:55 - MLS vehicle driving on moon's surface 07:58 - MS satellite floating towards camera, planet in center of background 08:09 - planet filling screen while satellite moves away from camera in foreground 08:33 - Sugar Bar Ranch, home of Jolly Rancher Candies, stylized montage of processing at the ranch, interior home collection of Western art, incorporate Western design into marketing 09:42 - ELS Chicago skyline, ZOOM OUT interior office of Nelson Archibald of Stifle lamp manufacturers, montage of activities in plant, mostly workers hands-on in factory 10:58 - Dave McGoldrick walks through Sampsonite luggage factory, discusses marketing, priorities 12:05 - montage of exterior and interior factory scenes, representatives talk about the growth Beatrice Foods has allowed them in marketing and developing their products 12:41 - interior brewery business 12:58 - representative discusses marketing in soda factory, Canada Dry, 7up on speeding assembly lines 13:26 - representative talks about marketing to consumer in factory with canned goods 13:41 - LS horses grazing in field, windmill in background 13:37 - Dick Swarzentruber of Vigortone, cattle feed supplement development, montage of farms, interior factory, lab work 14:50 - LaChoy, discusses market saturation and growth in new markets, montage interior noodle factory, woman applying labels 15:48 - Campofrio meat factory in Spain, went from production oriented to market oriented, montage of meat processing plant, aerial interior views and MS, TS meat on hooks, in assembly line, in freezers 17:12 - Tropicana oranges, trains deliver oranges, MS train cars with logo, montage of processing plant with assembly lines outdoors and in factory 18:04 - interior glass container plant, montage of interior plant, Tropicana glass containers filled with orange juice 18:48 - Phildar French supermarket (department store), montage of goods provide, clothing, televisions, clocks, etc., TS interior warehouse from ground to very high ceiling down an aisle 20:05-22:52 - text summary of Beatrice's business model ideals moves across screen over a montage of the featured companies and farmland, audio montage of representatives discussing benefits of working with Beatrice Foods Company, credits
Main Credit
Beatrice Foods Company (corporate name)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is director)
Fred A. Niles Communications Centers (is production company)
Additional Credit
Fred A. Niles Communications Centers (is contributor)
Orr, Rob (is cinematographer)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is contributor)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is editor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)