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Metooshow: “Water is Wet”, The

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0016
Run Time
0h 33m 20s
Date Produced
The Metooshow is an educational series created for young children and adults interested in childhood learning. “Water Is Wet” uses song, puppet playmates, and observation of children learning and playing in and outside of their classroom to demonstrate the many roles water plays in the cycle of life. The film has lost its blues and greens, but the soundtrack and lessons are still very much in tact.
Metooshow theme song plays over credits with psychedelic animation of waves and umbrellas. Stylized shots of bodies of water, Chicago cityscapes, and children playing under the sun. 02:03 - MS sun behind clouds, storm rolling in Children looking out the window, shots of rainstorm on playground and in locations around the city. 02:41 - MS swans floating in water 02:59 - ZOOM OUT John Hancock Center behind clouds 03:25 - FA airliner on runway Young girl watches storm out window as two puppets come alive to play guessing games with sounds. 05:53 - LA Two firefighters spraying a hose in front of fire truck. 06:02 - Child running through sprinkler, CU, ECU sprinkler 06:34 - Shots of geese in snow and water 06:56 - CU hand honking horn on steering wheel 06:58 - MS swan shaking feathers 07:17 - LS, MS plane taking off from runway 07:25 - MS duck taking off from the ground Puppets paint with young boy in kitchen with mother. 08:59-10:02 - “The Storm” by Elsa Glassman, cutout animation of a rain storm. Children in classroom act out a thunderstorm, shots of lightening, raining dogs and cats. Shots of children planting and watering seeds. Children act out seeds growing into plants under the sun and rain. 14:42 - CU of child’s feet walking in yellow rain boots 15:01 - CU of child’s feet splashing in a puddle wearing sneakers Child having a mud fight with puppets juxtaposed with children finger painting in classroom. 17:59 - Mother washes dirty clothes while child watches the wash cycle, shots of Maytag washing machine Children gather around a room-sized glass tank simulating a washing machine with puppets and clothes floating around. 19:27 - Stylized CU shots of fountains spraying water Puppets talk to woman with umbrella on a playground in the rain. Children in classroom learn lessons with an umbrella. Stylized CU shots of bus driver through windshield, windshield wipers move back and forth. Children in classroom simulate windshield wipers. Children and puppets play with toy boats. 25:09 - Surfing segment. LS, MS giant ocean waves rolling, surfers riding waves. LA of surfer from under water. Children in classroom look at CU fish in fish tank, imitate fish. Puppets turn to ice as winter storm moves in.
Main Credit
The Erikson Institute for Early Education (corporate name)
Three Prong Television Productions, Inc (is production company)
Cohn, Norman (is executive producer)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is director)
Yellow Ball Workshop, The (is animator)
Jantzen, Inc. (is animator)
Homer Groening, Inc. (is animator)
Additional Credit
Jenkins, Ella (music)
Piers, Maria W. (is contributor)
Smith, Thomas G. (is cinematographer)
Weisenborn, Gordon (is cinematographer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Children, teachers and staff of the South Chicago Community Center (is actor)
Stewart, “Bud” (is actor)
Rodwan, Mira (is actor)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)