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Where on Earth!

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0213
Run Time
0h 8m 33s
Date Produced
A Castle Films Quiz Show asking the viewer where certain places and events are in the world. Locations include the South Pole, along the Ganges, Mount McKinley, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.
00:00 - Titles and introduction. Several short clips of Old Faithful, canels, a river paddleboat, bridges, penguins and totem poles. Footage of eruptions, smoke pluming, and buildings collapsing. Seals, penguins, and a ship plowing through ice floes. An American flag is raised over the frozen landscape. Footage from along the river Ganges; people washing, pouring water, walking inside a temple and bowing to a statue. 02:52 - VS men climbing up Mt. McKinley in a line. View of the valley below and the scenery on the mountain. VS of the Eiffel Tower and men working on the beams. Views of Paris from the tower. VS of aborigines in the outback, carving a boomerang. One man displays the design and demonstrates how to throw it in VS. 06:02 - Water pours out of the Hoover Dam; VS inside and outside with aeriel footage and CU. Tribal dancing in Central Africa. A man performing Tai Chi. Another tribal dance is performed. Footage in Rio de Janiero with VS of “Christ the Redeemer”, Sugarloaf Mountain, and people in a public square.
Castle Films, inc.
Additional Credits
Castle Films, inc. (is contributor)